Welcome to #thegratitudetable

Welcome to #thegratitudetable

As we enter a season of thankfulness and gratitude, it’s important to recognize our relationships with others and how gratitude and positivity can transform those relationships.

What you put out into the world matters so much. The kind and generous things you do every day have a ripple effect for the people around you. You can impact how they go on to treat other people throughout the day. Do you help people be the best version of themselves?

We have talked about the importance of relationships so many times before, when it comes to your career too. All of your success in life will come from other people; every job offer, every connection, every promotion will come to you from another person and will have been influenced by your relationship with that person. Do you help other people feel seen and appreciated? Do you make other people happy to be around you?

Oh, and gratitude is amazing for your health and personal happiness too. Did you know gratitude is one of the only ways to make a measurable impact on your happiness levels? There are so many scientifically proven benefits of gratitude including:

  • a stronger immune system
  • lower blood pressure
  • better sleep
  • increased self control
  • higher rates of positive emotions like joy
  • lower rates of emotions like sadness and loneliness

Given the many benefits of gratitude, we have been creating tons of tools to help you make gratitude a part of your life. We created the Ink+Volt Gratitude Journal, plus two worksheets (access #1 here and #2 here). And now we are here with a challenge…

The Gratitude Table is the third exercise in our gratitude series, and we encourage you to try it this holiday season!

This holiday season, when you’re gathered around with others, complete the activity above! It’s simple, but you might be surprised how amazing the effects are. Try it with family, friends, coworkers — anyone who you are celebrating with this holiday season. You will not regret it. Then:

  • Print and fill out the reflection worksheet.
  • Share your experience with us by taking a photo and using #thegratitudetable on Instagram. We’ll be sharing your posts all throughout December!

May your entire holiday season be happy, bright, and filled with gratitude. Share your stories with us — we are grateful for you and the amazing things you do.

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