The Stationery Lover - Gift Set

The Stationery Lover Bundle

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If you love pen and paper, look no further. 

In an era where digital rules the world, there's something about nice stationery. Everything from the feel of the paper to the fine design details can really make a difference. If you're the kind of person who prefers a paper list to an app, a nice card rather than an email, a proper notebook over a Google doc. This one's for you! 

This set of five includes:

(1) Ink+Volt Hardcover Notebook - a beautiful, high quality, all-purpose notebook with a leather-like cover
(1) Today Organizer Pad - a daily essential for any pen-to-paper lover
(1) Top 3 Today Pad - a beautiful notepad with foil details, perfect for a desk, nightstand, or side table
(1) Blank Card Set - this pretty set of 6 foil stamped cards are great for all occasions  
(1) Le Pen Retro Felt Tip Pens - this bestselling set is great for creating, writing, color coordinating 

Valued at $84, this bundle is only $76 while supplies last. 

Why We Love It

It's no secret that we love pen and paper here at Ink+Volt. And we're betting you know someone who does too! Each item in this gift set was carefully chosen for its superiority in quality, texture, or design.