Spark Wellness: 50 Ways to Feel Your Healthiest

Spark Wellness: 50 Ways to Feel Your Healthiest

$12.95 USD


The chaos of everyday life can lead to a lag within different aspects of one's life- including wellness. Spark energy and self-care with 50 prompts that encourage health and wealth in one's mind, body, and spirit. Some examples of prompts you'll find in this box include:

  • Go for a walk with no destination- just wander. 
  • Do something each day for only yourself.
  • Catch up on sleep: For one week, go to bed 30 minutes early each day.

This is a great way to affordably give the gift of self-care and wellness, or to practice it yourself to achieve a heightened level of self-love.

Includes 50 faux matchsticks with printed prompts.

Product Specs

Matchbox-style packaging

50 prompts

Why We Love It

Wellness doesn't have to mean a 30 minute walk on the treadmill and salads. These matchstick prompts are an exciting way to introduce positive practices into your daily routine while also setting out to improve your overall health and wellbeing. The best part- picking the prompts at random keeps us on our toes wondering what challenge we will get next!