20 Inspiring Ideas for Good Secret Santa Gifts Under $30

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On the hunt for good secret santa gifts this holiday season?

We searched high and low for good secret santa gifts, so no matter who you’re paired up with and buying a gift for, we have ideas for you (that won’t break the bank either!).

If you draw the name of a coworker or family member who you're not particularly close to, finding a good secret santa gift can be quite the challenge.

No need to panic, though; just use our gift guide below to get you started!

    Your guide to finding good secret santa gifts

    Our ideas below are all under $30, so you'll be able to find a quality gift without breaking your group's secret santa budget rules!

    For the organizer, planner, minimalist, or coordinator…

    These are for the person that loves order and has everything in its place. This is for the person who actually enjoys to-do lists and who is always planning events, activities, or trips down to a “T.”

    • Ink+Volt Planner Tabs. Perfect to go with the Ink+Volt Planner, but these tabs can be used by anyone who uses a basic planner or bullet journal to add a little oomph to their personal organization. This set includes 36 tabs for organizing by month, subject, priority, and 4 blank/reusable tabs.
    • Sand It Document Holder. This is a shockingly popular product - it's so simple, but people love it! This bright and colorful file is made in  Japan and has three interior sections for you to organize notes, loose papers, and documents. For those who love to organize, this gift is a win.
    • 15-Minute Hourglass. Sleek and elegant, this hourglass is perfect for wowing someone this holiday season. Meditative sand and a simple countdown are incredible for productivity, and as a desk accessory, this one can't be beat for style and function.
    • Ink+Volt Dashboard Deskpad. Super flexible use and elegant gold foil details make this project manager deskpad a fit for anyone’s desk. Plus, it will keep them organized, productive, and inspired.
    • Large Felt Bedside Caddy. The bedside can easily become a hectic place. What better way to corral all of those things people like to keep within easy reach while they’re in bed, without cluttering a nightstand. Soft gray felt makes this piece feel extra cozy.

    For those whose creativity knows no limits…

    Music lovers, writers, artists, and anyone aspiring to be one or all of the above will love these gifts that encourage and foster their creative journeys.

    • Do One Thing Every Day That Inpires You. Anyone with creative block or who enjoys discovering new ways to be creative and find inspiration in everyday life will love this sweet, whimsical book.
    • Pilot Explorer Pen. For the writers out there, the gift of a lovely pen can express your support for their creativity and projects. This pen is great for anyone from first time fountain pen users to fountain pen experts. Up anyone’s writing game with the Explorer.
    • Ink+Volt Prompt Journal. Whether they're an aspiring writer or just someone who loves a good journal, this book is a perfect gift for inspiring someone's daily creative practice. Filled with prompts for daily writing, as well as larger projects, this is a fun book to spark imagination.
    • Bestseller Notepad Bundle. This one goes a little above the $30 limit, but it's a perfect set of notepads for someone who has a lot of ideas and wants to bring structure and focus into their lives. Our bestselling productivity tools, perfect for visual planning and wrangling big plans.

    For the fitness enthusiast, outdoorist, exercise fanatic…

    Does your colleague have their gym bag with them every day? Do you know someone that gets outside every weekend, sharing their adventures and excursions on social media? Well, these secret santa gift ideas will be right up their alley and highly appreciated by the adventurer in your life.

    • Ink+Volt Fitness Planner. An undated, 3-month planner designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Help them achieve their New Year's Resolution with this expert-designed fitness planner!
    • Run Fast. Eat Slow: Nourishing Recipes for Athletes. Everyone has to refuel, so why not refuel your body with marathon runner Olympian Shalane Flanagan and chef Elyse Kopecky? Tons of tips and information, plus recipes, for a healthy life.
    • Yoga Mat Bag with Pouch. Give the gift of a pretty and functional cargo yoga mat bag, so that they can head to the studio with their keys, phone, and other essentials in tow -- without an extra bag to remember.
    • Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Staying hydrated is a must and one can never have too many reusable water bottles to do just that. With a variety of styles and color options, you can find a gift that will fit anyone’s style.
    • Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool. A 60 minute massage would easily exceed anyone’s secret santa dollar limit, but this inexpensive alternative can bring relief to the constantly sore. Help them relax for the holidays!

    For the host, cook, foodie, or homebody…

    Here are 7 gift ideas perfect for the giftee who loves simplicity in the home, who hosts parties for any and every reason, or who is always talking about the great recipe they just found.

    • Boyajian Assorted Pure Citrus Oil Box. For the chef who loves trying new things, this sampler box is a great way to try new oils great for sauces, dressings, and more.
    • Watering Globe. For the person who loves some green in their life (not of the cash variety), this watering globe plants stay perfectly watered. A pretty and unobtrusive touch, this pretty vessel gives their houseplants an extra touch of luxury and hydration.
    • Hand Block Printed Tea Towel. Not just any tea towel (because everyone has the basics), this tea towel looks like a piece of modern art and was hand-printed in India.

    For the animal lover or the pet owner with pet photos galore…

    Spread the animal love with these fun and unique gift ideas.

    • Custom Pet Stickers. Got a photo of their beloved pet? Turn it into a custom sticker that is sure to bring a smile to their face!
    • Custom Dog Christmas Ornament. If you know their pet's name, you can turn it into a delicate Christmas tree ornament that is sure to stick with them for years to come. Perfect for a small, affordable gift that still packs a ton of heart and meaning.

    With this many good secret santa gifts on your list…

    …this year’s gift exchange is sure to be a great success! No matter who you’re getting a gift for, we hope these 20 good secret santa gift ideas make shopping a breeze.

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