Ink+Volt Calendar Deskpad

Ink+Volt Calendar Deskpad

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The Story

We’re long time fans of desktop pads. Yet to this day, we haven’t been able to find one that works the way we want. Naturally, in true Ink+Volt fashion, we decided to create our own.

Ink+Volt Calendar Deskpad lifestyle

Moving away from outdated, cookie-cutter designs, with pages that don’t tear cleanly and a size that’s just too big for your desk, we developed our own version to be your pretty and high-functioning solution. And, we use the same high quality, bright white paper as we do with our Ink+Volt Planner.

Of course, we really love it.

It does the basics well, with extra bells and whistles that make it stand out from the crowd. True to our mission, this calendar is not only about scheduling, appointments, and planning-- it’s about your goals, the bigger picture and how you want to move forward.

Your monthly reminder to stay organized and move one step closer to where you want to go.


11" x 17" Perfect size for your desk or workspace. Get creative and hang it up too!
36 undated months That's 3 years' worth! The pad comes with blank months so you can fill it in and use it with flexibility for years to come.
High quality 70# paper We use 70# super smooth paper that we've come to trust in our Ink+Volt products. It avoids bleed through and feathering with most fountain pens and felt pens.