Lamy Noto Ballpoint Pen

Lamy Noto Ballpoint Pen

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Why We Love It

"We cannot appraise objects just as objects because they are surrounded by life and this is what I mean when I say environment. Design should not be only about objects themselves but it should be for the entire existence of things within space."
Naoto Fukasawa, designer of the Lamy Noto Ballpoint Pen

We love this quote by Naoto Fukasawa. It embodies what good design is all about. A ballpoint pen might seem like an everyday object, but it's about how it can fit into your space and feel like a piece of your environment. It can elevate not only how your desk might look, but also the work that comes out of it. 


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Retractable ballpoint Great for travel or tucked into a pocket.
Ergonomic design The triangular barrel is designed for comfortable writing and proper finger placement.
Integrated clip The seamless clip is integrated into the pen body for a sleek look and feel.
Made in Germany Lamy is a trusted pen brand in Germany and globally.