10 Great Gifts for Remote Teams

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Finding the perfect gift for colleagues you don’t see in person everyday can be a challenge.

There’s a lot to love about being part of a remote team, but when it comes to the holiday season, it can be difficult to find your colleagues the perfect gift.

You don’t want to give something too generic, but you also might not know your teammates at the same level as you would if you saw each other in person – this can create quite the dilemma. How do you strike a balance? 

Choosing the right gift

Work-related gifts are sometimes the most rewarding to give because we want to show appreciation to the people who take up so much our our daily lives. The perfect holiday gift doesn’t have to be work-related, but you might want to opt for something that will be useful. 

Good gifts are:

  • Relevant. If you’re looking for something a bit more personal, try to pick something that’s of general interest. A snack box or gift card to a new restaurant are good options for foodies, for example, while a candle or comfy socks might be perfect for the self care queen.
  • Helpful. Even office-related gifts can be fun. New pens, creative notebooks, and office supplies are exciting, especially if there’s a unique quality about them. Since this is a gift, try to factor in how they’ll use the gift and aim for something a little more elevated. 
  • Appropriate. Avoid gifts that aren’t work appropriate. Alcohol might not fit the bill, especially if there are HR rules regarding it. A good rule of thumb is that if you question whether it’s an OK gift to give, it’s best to nix it.

        Most importantly, have fun with your gifts! This time of year is excellent for team building and getting to know your teammates, even if you’ve never met them in person. Taking the time to show a little gratitude will go a long way. The following gift suggestions will get you started.  

        The perfect WFH candle 

        One of the best parts about working remotely is creating the perfect productive environment. Whether your colleagues spend their time on virtual meetings, doing creative work, or hammering out fine details, they’ll love something that enhances their space. Pick up the Home Office scent from Homesick Candles to do just that. It’s energizing, fresh, and somehow still soothing. 

        The best notepad for meetings 

        It’s true. We love a good notebook around here, especially one that’s sure to make remote work a little bit easier. The best-selling One On One Spiral Notepad from Ink+Volt helps every meeting run a little more smoothly by incorporating meeting topics, discussion points, and next steps. Effectiveness and efficiency? Best. Gift. Ever. 

        A sampler for the tea lover 

        Green, earl grey, jasmine, peppermint? Take the guesswork out of the equation and opt for a sample pack of tea that’ll last your teammate through all of those dark, cold, wintery months. Not only does having a variety to choose from feel luxurious, it makes the afternoon pick-me-up a little more exciting. 

        An elegant time management system

        Since you know your teammate is spending a lot of time in their home office, choose something that will elevate their desk and help them get through the day. A 15 minute hourglass can help them breeze through tasks all while helping them be a bit more mindful (a win-win!) and do it in style.

        Cozy socks

        Team gifts can easily feel cliche and useless, but if you have only a few bucks to spend, you want to make it count. This is when it’s better to go quality over quantity. Your teammates will surely notice, especially when it comes to simple gifts, like a pair of socks. These chenille socks are just about the softest material on the planet and will make working at home feel a little more like being at the spa. 

        Bath soak to help melt away the day

        Self care at the end of a long day is important. For some, it’s creating a home-made meal or taking a long walk to debrief from all that screen time, and for others it’s melting into a warm bath and lighting a candle. For those that land on the more relaxing end of the spectrum, go for a bath soak that’s formulated to help relieve stress. This option from Maude comes in three scents, each earthy and relaxing, and looks great on the edge of the bathtub. 

        A desk plant

        What makes any home office a little bit better? A desk plant, of course. Greenery has been proven to lower stress, induce calmness, and even promote productivity. Succulents, like this one from Lula’s Garden, are also easy to care for, so even if there’s not a green thumb on your team, they won’t have a problem. 

        Cryotherapy at home 

        Stressful days are sometimes a reality of working remotely, but in the end it can be well worth the challenge. A freezable cryotherapy face tool is a great way to relax from a tense moment, and it makes a great gift for teams that are all about self care and wellness. Cryo can be great for stress management, meditation and physical well-being. 

        Reusable sticky notes

        Sticky notes come in handy in just about every work environment, but they can pile up and become overwhelming. A great gift for any remote team is a pack of reusable sticky notes, which are thin, durable, and magnetic. They come in a variety of colors and are totally erasable, so their important note never gets lost in a pile again. 

        A fun fountain pen

        A fountain pen is a great addition to any home office, but they can be a bit intimidating. This pen, from Pilot, available in three colors, is beginner-friendly but gives the writer all of the fountain pen perks, like smooth writing and a comfortable grip. Each pen comes with an extra ink cartridge and when that one is used up, it’s pretty easy to find additional cartridges. 

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