15 Best Small Gifts for Coworkers

A bright, white assortment of small gifts for coworkers: white and gold notepads, gold ribbons, and a gold holiday ornament.

Buying a gift for coworkers can be tough, especially now that so many of our interactions are happening on Zoom. 

In this age of remote work, you may have some coworkers whom you have never actually met in person, which can make shopping for gifts even more difficult!

That’s why we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite small gifts for coworkers this year. These gifts hit all the right notes for work colleagues: They are inexpensive, thoughtful, practical, and are certain not to offend. 

Dive in for recommendations for to-do list lovers, coffee connoisseurs, and lovers of style and consider your shopping for your coworkers as good as done! 

1. Lucky Notepad Set: This adorable set of gold foil notepads is perfect for your coworker who loves stationery or to-do lists. Each notepad features a different good luck charm, including clovers, horseshoes, shooting stars, and dice. A dose of luck and charm for your coworker’s desk, kitchen counter, nightstand, and more.

2. Personalized Mug: Perfect for coffee or tea lovers alike, these beautiful, monogrammed mugs make wonderful, thoughtful gifts for coworkers to help them power through that early morning call or the afternoon slump.

3. Private Memo Pad: Not only will this notepad be a bright and cheery addition to any coworker’s desk, but it’s also incredibly unique. Each page features a privacy tab that allows you to turn your note into a private message — just tear off your letter, fold it in half, and tuck the tab in the slit to secure it. 

4. Their New Favorite Pens: These pens are office favorites here at Ink+Volt, which is why we think they’ll be perfect for your coworkers too. They are super fine, don’t bleed or smudge, and write absolutely beautifully. This pack features four bright colors!

5. Desk Timer: This time cube is perfect for your coworker who’s always on Instagram, or the one who *loves* time management. Just turn the cube to your time interval of choice and commit to a period at least that long of deep work — no interruptions. 

6. Reflection Pad: This notepad is perfect for your coworker who’s great at checking in with themselves — or the one who seems like they could use a little more self care. Featuring 18 different check-ins, this pad guides you through an easy 1-5 rating on everything from productivity to mindfulness. You can then reflect on how you graded each topic, see where the gaps are, and develop ways to work towards balance. 

7. To Do List Tape: We cannot stress enough how ingenious this tape is. There are two rolls in each set: one with a numbered list from 1-10 and one with circular bullet points/round checkboxes. The tape is semi-sheer and matte so it’s easy to write on with pencil, pen, or marker. This tape can turn any notebook page into a customizable, formatted to-do list, making this the perfect choice for your list-loving, hyper organized coworkers.

8. Cell Phone Stand: For the coworker whose phone is always buzzing. This adjustable phone stand makes it easy to keep your phone within sight while you’re working on your computer. Keep it on your desk and never dig through your work bag to silence its ringer again.

9. Mini Succulents: Help your coworker liven up their workspace and make it a place they actually *enjoy* sitting with this adorable miniature set of three succulents. Best of all? They don’t need to have a green thumb to keep these alive — all three need minimal light and water so they can continue sparking joy for years to come.

10. Pretty Sticky Notes: If live plants aren’t your coworkers’ thing, try these sticky notes instead. Ordinary sticky notes aren't very pretty, let alone inspiring, which is why we love these succulent sticky notes featuring four different potted succulents in a variety of soft green and purple hues. Gift them to your coworker to help them liven up their planner, write quick reminders, and brighten up their workspace. 

11. Coffee Warmer: How many times have you sat down with your morning coffee only to be sucked into meeting after meeting and realize, hours later, that your steaming cup of joe is now ice cold? This desktop coffee warmer is the solution to that problem — it can heat your cup up or just keep it warm all day long.

12. Today Organizer Pad: The Today Organizer Pad is one of our best-selling products for a reason. This at-a-glance daily notepad will help your coworkers maximize their daily productivity by visualizing what is most important. It features hourly time blocks to manage their schedule, a task checklist to organize their important to-dos, and a "tomorrow" section for future tasks. And of course it's important to stay hydrated while you're being so productive, which is why this pad includes a water intake tracker too.  

13. Mug Holder for Their Desk: This is for the coworker who has a small workspace or can never actually see their desk under the papers, files, etc. This cup holder clips on to the side of a desk or table and is the perfect way to ensure you never spill your coffee all over your keyboard or leave water rings on your desk from cold drinks!

14. Affirmator Cards: Everyone can use a little dose of positivity now and then, and these cards are the perfect way to keep your coworkers smiling when they need it most. Created by a comedian, these inspirational-but-not-cheesy affirmation cards are full of fun illustrations, positive thoughts, and inspiring messages. The set comes with 50 unique cards: 40 daily affirmations and 10 bonus cards covering a wide variety of topics such as worthiness, self-love, authenticity, generosity, and playfulness.

15. Really Comfy Socks: One of my favorite parts about Zoom meetings is no one can see my shoes — or that I’m actually just wearing these socks every day. Made with super soft Merino wool, these are the perfect gift for your coworker who loves to be cozy.

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