25 Fun and Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

a stack of notebooks and a pen are ready to be wrapped as a gift

Your coworkers are the people you see everyday — sometimes even more than your own friends and family! — but sometimes it can be a challenge to find the perfect holiday gift for them. 

Maybe it’s because we feel pressured to find a gift that’s somehow both personal and professional. Or maybe it’s because we’re already hard-pressed for time and resources during the holidays as it is, and even though we’d like to opt for something more thoughtful, sometimes it’s just easier to resort to the ubiquitous coffee mug or gift card.  

Luckily, we’ve taken the stress out of holiday shopping for you and rounded up 25 fun and useful Christmas gifts for your coworkers. We’ve organized these gifts into different categories so you’ll be sure to find something for everyone (yes, even for the boss who has everything!)

From colorful office decor to beautifully designed journals and travel accessories, these gifts will surely brighten your coworker’s day and make them feel so appreciated. And if you need gift ideas that don’t scream “last minute," we’ve also got you covered. 

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For the coworker who loves a personalized office space

These items are perfect for the coworker who manages to make a standard office look like something out of the pages of Architectural Digest. These would also be great for the coworker whose desk seems to be a big pile of paperwork and could use some personal flourishes to their office space.

1. This yellow pantone drinking bottle is the perfect drinking vessel and would add sunshine to even the drabbest office space. Plus, the bold color is a great visual reminder to stop working and take a water break! 

2. A customizable light box so your coworker can display their favorite quotes and mantras and get pumped for the work week.

3. Display a team photo in this ornate photo frame and gift it to a manager or colleague.

4. A desk lamp in a cheerful color would literally brighten your co-worker’s day and add personality to any office desk. 

For the coworker who loves to-do lists and goal planning

Show your appreciation for your coworker’s hard work and dedication by setting them up for success in the new year.

5. The Ink+Volt 2020 planner is a thoughtful and elegant gift for the coworker who wants to make sure 2020 is their best year yet. With prompts to help them set their intention for the year and monthly and weekly planning pages to break down their big goals into achievable steps, this planner is the perfect companion for the new year. Not only does the planner come in classic and eye-catching colors, the sturdy design is durable enough to carry around everyday.

6. This slim and modern Kunisawa notebook would make anyone feel like a boss.

7. An Organizer Notepad is great for the coworker who loves getting things done. Bonus: This would be perfect for an office Secret Santa gift!

8. A simple and modern fountain pen so they can write down all of their wonderful ideas and put their dreams into action.

For the coworker who takes their lunch breaks seriously

Whether your coworker is a foodie who loves a good meal or someone whose idea of lunch is scarfing down a snack over their computer, they’ll love these unique and nourishing gifts. 

9. Stainless steel tupperware so they can pack their gourmet lunches in a stylish and sustainable way.

10. A cookbook to make sure they always have fun options for lunch.

11. A gift card to a nearby restaurant so they can treat themselves to a memorable meal outside of the office.

12. A nice bottle of prosecco to celebrate the end of a successful year.

For the coworker looking for a creative outlet

Maybe your coworker possesses a hidden artistic talent, or maybe they’ve never picked up a sketch pad or instrument in their life but have always wanted to try. Encourage your coworker to tap into their creative side with these fun and inspiring gifts.

13. There are so many creative benefits to doodling. Let your coworker doodle away during meetings with this playful doodling book.

14. This coloring book pairs beautiful designs with inspirational messages, so it's sure to inspire, relax, and rejuvenate.

15. This beautifully designed journal would spark inspiration in any budding or lifelong writer.

For the coworker who’s all about health and mindfulness

With end-of-the year deadlines quickly approaching, the office can be a high-pressured place during the holidays. Give your coworker a chance to relax and take care of themselves this season with these soothing gifts.

16. A subscription to a meditation course or app like Headspace.

17. A reflective vest so they can take take evening strolls after work and clear their head.

18. A gift certificate to a movie theater or a membership to a streaming service so they can unwind after office hours (a personalized gift certificate is a perfect last minute gift idea!).

19. A compact aroma diffuser to create a serene environment and make their cubicle feel like a spa!

20. A gratitude journal so they can unplug and reflect at the end of each day.

For the coworker who loves traveling the globe

Whether they’re always traveling for work or have a bucket list of travel destinations, your coworker will love these thoughtful, travel-themed gifts.

21. A charming and functional passport holder that would make even a TSA agent smile.

22. A beautifully illustrated world desk calendar that’s compact enough to keep on a work desk and whimsical enough to inspire big travel dreams. 

23. Membership to a national park so they can experience the natural wonders and landmarks around the country.

24. A fun set of blank cards to send updates from their adventures.

For the coworker who always makes your day

The holidays aren’t about getting the most ornate, Instagram-worthy gift. A lovely card with a heartfelt message of gratitude is just as impactful and is a simple but powerful way to show how much you care.

25. Take the time to recognize your coworker’s contributions with this elegant and festive thank you card

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