5 of Our Favorite 30-Day Challenges from 2020

A 30 day challenge worksheet next to a pencil and a sprig of lavender.

You can become a better version of yourself in just 30 days. 

This simple fact is why the 30-day challenge layout is one of the key components in our best-selling goal planner. It’s a fast, focused way to make real, meaningful changes in your life. By defining and committing to your focus at the beginning of the month, the little steps and actions you take every single day will add up to big growth by the end of the month.

The key is consistency — small, regular steps every day for 30 full days add up to big, noticeable changes over time.

To help you bring some of the 30-day challenge magic into your own life, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite challenges that we’ve shared over the past year — all of them were created in collaboration with content creators and experts in their fields. 

Here’s to a new, fabulous you in just 30 days!

1. Anupy Singla’s Cooking Challenge

Get the challenge worksheet here!

If you’re getting a bit tired of your go-to home-cooked meals, then this is the 30-day challenge for you. We teamed up with cookbook author Anupy Singla of Indian as Apple Pie to create a 30-day challenge to help you spice it up in the kitchen.

Anupy has identified one new spice that you can introduce into your recipes each week throughout the whole month:

  • Week 1 — Cumin Seeds: Warm and earthy, these tiny seeds pack a big flavor punch, have anti-inflammatory properties, and are a good source of iron.
  • Week 2 — Coriander Powder: At once light and lemony, coriander powder adds a citrus taste profile to your dishes and can help to lower blood sugar. 
  • Week 3 — Mustard Seeds: Black mustard seeds are used extensively in Indian cuisine and are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Heat them in a little oil for maximum benefits. 
  • Week 4 — Garam Masala: The quintessential North Indian spice blend is made from combining cumin seeds, cinnamon, and other key spices. Roast them first and then grind them down into this delicious blend. 

Download the free worksheet here, and get ready to improve your skills in the kitchen this month!

2. Shira Gill’s Home Organization Challenge

Get the challenge worksheet here!

Ready to declutter and organize your home once and for all? Home organization expert Shira Gill crafted this 30-day challenge with exactly this goal in mind. 

Shira is a professional home organizer, coach, and the founder of the #15minutewin. Every day, she’s identified one easy activity that you can do in 15 minutes or less that will take you one step closer to the organized home of your dreams. 

By the end of the month, you’ll have tackled, edited, and organized everything from your closet, game room, and your water bottle collection to the apps on your phone, your email inbox, and even the dreaded Tupperware cabinet.

If you’re ready to get started, download the free worksheet right here!

3. Riley Sheehey’s Creativity Challenge

Get the challenge worksheet here!

This 30-day challenge created by professional watercolor artist Riley Sheehey is all about creativity and inspiration.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to tap into your creativity. In fact, setting aside time for a creative outlet can have health benefits like reducing overall stress and anxiety, and cultivating a positive mindset. 

For this free worksheet, Riley shares a daily activity that will help spark your creativity and maybe even help you find a new passion. This month you’ll try everything from journaling and dancing to collaging and sketching!

Here are some of Riley’s top tips for getting into a creative mindset — even if you’re feeling uninspired:

  • Set aside time each day to make something, even if it’s just a couple of minutes.
  • Keep a list of themes, favorite quotes, or inspirational images on your phone or in your notebook that you can reference when you’re feeling unmotivated.
  • Collage! Whether it’s a digital collage of images from Pinterest or an actual scissors/paper/glue collage, drawing inspiration from collecting other images always helps to jump-start creativity.

Click here to get started!

4. Traci Copeland’s Cardio Challenge

Get the challenge worksheet here!

We all know that physical fitness is so important to our overall health and well-being, but it can be so daunting to start a workout program — especially at home — from scratch. That’s why we teamed up with Traci Copeland. She’s a Nike Master trainer, yoga instructor, and dance teacher, and she created a 30-day cardio challenge to help you spend one month getting a little bit more fit.

Each day, Traci has created a quick and easy at-home cardio workout that you can do in under 40 minutes. She’s covered everything from run/walk exercises to low-impact cardio, like swimming or biking, and even days with jumping jacks, squats, and high knees. (And don’t worry, there are recovery days, too!)

The goal is that by the end of the month, you’ll have stuck with a regular home workout routine that will leave you feeling strong, healthy, and empowered and ready to keep prioritizing your physical fitness!

Here are some of Traci’s tips to keep you going all month long:

  • Make sure you have a good upbeat playlist to play while you're doing your cardio
  • Feel free to swap out days that work best for your schedule or are aligned with the weather.
  • Slow down your pace whenever necessary, just be sure to keep it moving. 
  • On days that you feel your best after your workout, remember what you ate, how much you slept the night before.. These are all things that can affect your workout.
  • Most of all have fun, take pride that every day is a new opportunity to be better than you were the day before. 

Download the free worksheet here and start getting your heart pumping!

5. Matt Walker’s Practical Mindfulness Challenge

Get the challenge worksheet here!

At Ink+Volt, we believe that your mental health is *just* as important as your physical health. In fact, the two are often intertwined, so taking care of one helps the other.

In this 30-day challenge, we collaborated with professional mountain climber and psychologist Matt Walker to create a toolkit that can help you bring mindfulness into your everyday life. With each activity, you’ll be increasing your sense of groundedness, improving your clarity of purpose, and learning to be intentional with your energy and thoughts. 

The activities will take you no more than 15 minutes, but will make a *big* difference in how you approach your day. Get started here.

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