9 Cool Pens You Just Have to Try in 2020

A woman's hand holding a Lamy ballpoint pen draws a sketch in a notebook next to a small succulent plant.

Beautiful, sophisticated, innovative, unique…

These are just some of the adjectives we are about to use to describe some of the best ballpoint pens on the market today. Yes, the everyday ballpoint pen. Surprised? 

You’ll soon see what we mean in today’s post. 

If you love the look and feel of quality paper products and writing instruments as much as we do, then you don’t want to miss out on these cool pens. Ballpoint pens get a bad reputation for being basic and boring, but today’s ballpoints are anything but.

Whether you’re writing a shopping list, a thank you note, or tracking your habits on paper, the ballpoint pen is a natural fit. Why? Because ballpoint pens, of all the different types of pens you can choose from, are best known for being:

  • Versatile and able to write on a variety of surfaces
  • Available in various pen tip sizes
  • Not leaking, smudging, smearing, or bleeding
  • Waterproof 
  • Long lasting 
  • Reliable and ready to write

A great ballpoint pen will have the looks to make you look and feel professional, the functionality to make you productive, and the style to elevate your workspace. 

No matter what you’re looking for in a ballpoint, we’ve got you covered with the selection of cool pens below. 

Cool pens with design and style

Elevate your workspace simply with the click of a pen: the Lamy Noto Ballpoint Pen, the be exact. Sleek and beautiful, this pen will stand out and make a statement. It has a contoured triangular shape that is comfortable and aids in finger placement, plus it has a seamless integrated clip which means your clip won’t break or bend. 

Another ballpoint pen with a unique shape is the Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen. This pen’s hexagonal shape adds to its comfort; you’ll enjoy holding its aluminum body in your hand and filling in the pages of your notebook and planner. The strong clip and great assortment of colors will compliment any style. Though it looks expensive, it is reasonably priced.

For sophistication from any angle

...you need the Lamy LX Metallic Ballpoint Pen. It is an excellent choice not only for its selection of colors (the four lovely metallic options are modern and clean), but also its comfortable ergonomic grip, and stylish design. 

It writes especially well and handles notetaking with ease. What’s more, it looks extremely professional, both while you’re writing with it and when it’s tucked safely away in its matching case. An awesome bonus. 

Searching for compactness and minimalism at your fingertips?

For an under-the-radar, compact option that delivers everything you need for on-the-go professionals, the Lamy Pico Ballpoint Pen fits the bill. We love it for its easy travel size and sleek design, plus its metal material feels nice and weighty in your hand, not cheap. It looks cool and unique whether retracted or extended. 

For two more collapsible pen options that are as practical as they are reliable, we also recommend the Zebra Collapsible Ballpoint Pen and the Zebra Mini Collapsible Ballpoint Pen. Both come in a 0.7mm tip, fine enough for small details yet perfect for everyday use. Both are priced so you can buy one for the office, your bags, the home, your car, etc.

Your classic ballpoint pen

If you’re on the search for cool pens with a classic look and feel, you can check both of those boxes off at the same time with the Zebra Fortia Twist Ballpoint Pen. Luckily, this pen comes in black, white, red, orange, and blue to match anything you want it to; a bonus feature is its pearlized body for a bit of sheen!

Ballpoint pens come in a rainbow of colors

Sometimes you need ballpoint pens in an assortment of colors to take notes, organize your planner, mark up documents, use in your coloring book, or doodle. One of the great features about the pens in the Schneider Slider Edge XB Ballpoint Assorted Color 8-Pack is that when you write on harder surfaces, the tip is finer, and when writing on softer surfaces, it is thicker. The shape fits great in your hand and is super comfortable so you can write and write and write. and write.

You’ll be so happy that they come in 8 colors: black, red, blue, orange, pink, light blue, and light green. You’ll never run out of options, and they all are rich, appealing shades.

If you still need color but prefer a retractable pen and pen cap clip, celebrate: Schneider also makes their signature ballpoint with these features: Schneider Slider Memo XB Ballpoint Pen Assorted Color 3-Pack in black, blue, and red. 

Ballpoint pens are cool pens

If you thought ballpoints couldn’t join the class of “cool pens”, think again. We know the pens on this list will change the way you thought about the humble ballpoint forever.

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