The 9 Best Desktop Organizers to Simplify Your Space and Life

The 9 Best Desktop Organizers to Simplify Your Space and Life

If you want to organize your life, first try organizing your desk. 

Having a desk that’s free from random receipts and junk mail can instantly make you feel like you have it all together. And if you’re looking for a simple solution to managing the clutter on your desk, look no further than the unsung hero of clean office spaces: the desktop organizer. 

At first glance, a desktop organizer may seem like an unlikely remedy to clutter - after all, do we really need another item when we already have a surging pile of paperclips and other supplies? But a desktop organizer can actually be an office lifesaver -- it stores a lot of supplies without taking up much space.

So instead of wasting time and foraging for a pen, you can make life easier by keeping all your favorite supplies in one location. Knowing where your office supplies are may not seem like a big deal, but this subtle change can make a major impact on your mood and especially your productivity.

Plus, we spend most of our work days at our desk, aiming to be efficient or inspired. It’s worth it to treat yourself to an object that you’ll use every day that will make life easier. And it’s always nice to keep something pretty on your desk.

Organizing your desk doesn’t have to be another chore to check off your to-do list. And the desktop organizers of today are a far cry from the dreary supplies from years past. The items below are functional, efficient, and not to mention, visually pleasing.

How to organize your desk

First, follow these simple steps to manage the paperwork and supplies that are overwhelming your desk:  

  • Shred documents that you no longer need (if you’re not sure, take a photo and convert it to a PDF using a free app - then shred the original document)
  • Throw out/recycle junk mail
  • Throw out pens that no longer work
  • Identify the desk supplies you use most, and put them in a place of prominence (in other words, make them easy to reach!)
  • Keep your other essential supplies in a nearby place, like a drawer or a catch-all tray. You want these items to be easily retrievable but not in the way
  • Make an appointment to organize your desk once a week. Set a timer for 5 minutes, then sort your papers and throw out trash

When it comes to keeping your desk organized, it’s all about taking small steps each day and being intentional with your space. Try to think of the supplies you use everyday and where you would like to keep them for easy access. 

You don’t have to create a perfect system in one day. If you’re trying to figure out the tools you reach for the most, you can experiment and see what’s missing and how you can make them more accessible.

For more office desk organization tips and tricks, you can read our guide here

The best desktop organizers for your home office or workspace

1. Blu Monaco Rose Gold Desk Organizer Stackable Paper Tray

Do you have a lot of incoming and outgoing papers or files? A two-tier tray brings order to the chaos. Rose gold metal is not only an on-trend home decor item, but its elegant display is perfectly poised for a home office or work space. If you’re tired of seeing paperwork dominate your workspace, keep them in line with this beautiful desktop organizer. 

2. Acrylic desktop organizer

Keep your most-used office supplies in a transparent desktop organizer and never waste time looking for a pen again. This option is ideal if you prefer an organizer that is minimal and efficient but also has lots of little compartments to store your stuff. Think paperclips, tape, post-it notes, plus two pen cups that can store your writing tools along with scissors and a ruler.  

3. Martha Stewart Stack and Fit

Come for the efficiency, stay for the vibrant pop of color. This five-tray file sorter is not only lovely to look at, but it will help you stay on top of your paper clutter. You could use the top tray to put important documents or notepads like your to-do lists or Ink+Volt Priority Pad.

4. Natural Wood Desktop Organizer

If you’d like to make your office space warm and welcoming, you can add some of your favorite books and tchotchkes, and organize them in this stylish display. The natural wood makes this desktop organizer look more cozy -- perfect for a home office space or a nice way to add a personal touch to a corporate cubicle. 

5. White Stockholm Desktop Organizer

This chic desktop organizer somehow stores all your office essentials while still looking pretty and taking up minimal space,  This is an aesthetically pleasing and efficient way to manage all your office must-haves all in one place. Not only is it a catch-all for little items like paper clips and erasers, but it can organize paper supplies like to do lists, envelopes, and scratch paper as well as bigger items like staplers and tape dispensers. It’s perfect if you have a small desk or lack drawer space.

6. Three by Three Ashwood up-rise! Desktop Organizer

If you’re looking to invest in a desktop organizer, this is a worthwhile option. This ergonomic organizer also doubles as a monitor stand/standing desk. It can stay flat and be used as a computer stand or you can elevate it if you want to have a standing desk. It also has compartments to store your writing and paper supplies. The smart and beautiful design would upgrade any office.  

7. Modern Weave Baskets

If plastic desktop organizers aren’t your thing, opt for these baskets for a more natural, organic look. You can use these baskets as a catch-all container and store your staplers, paperclips, post-its and smaller office items

8. Acrylic Storage with Drawers

Keep clutter at bay with this transparent desktop organizer. Its sleek design wouldn’t take up much real estate, plus the two drawers offer ample space to store office supplies as well as larger items like your watch, phone charger, and other everyday items.

9. Hammock Tech Organizer

This functional and fun organizer can store your iPad, phone, cases, chargers, and other tech accessories all in one stylish space. It’s like having a file organizer but for your tech supplies. This is great for creatives who need to alternate from computer to tablet or for anyone who’s tired of rummaging through their drawers to find a phone charger.

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