10 Gifts for Team Members to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

An array of white, grey, and gold office gifts for administrative professionals day.

Where would we be without the people who keep offices running like well-oiled machines?

Each role on a team is important, but the colleagues who know all the fine details and make it possible for the entire team to run efficiently are, in a lot of ways, priceless. 

Each April we pay thanks to the administrative professionals who keep us on the daily grind. After all, they deserve a special thanks for all that they do every day! 

April 21 marks Administrative Professionals Day 2021, and it goes without saying that all of our teams are going above and beyond to rise to new challenges this year. Whether a person is an actual administrative assistant, or just a superstar employee who helps make amazing work happen, the people on your team deserve attention and appreciation.

Say thanks to the members of your team who make it all happen. Here are a few ways you can show your staff members just how important they are to you and to your entire organization.

1. Executive Notebook or Founders Notebook

There is nothing quite like getting a brand new notebook with clean beautiful paper ready for your brilliant ideas. Depending on your admin's personal style, they'll love one of these notebooks created with world-renowned Japanese printing company from the heart of Tokyo, Kunisawa x Ink+Volt: The Executive Notebook or The Founders Notebook.

The Executive Notebook is exquisite and timeless. With professional, serious style, this notebook has creamy, thick paper and gilded edges that give it a seriously luxe look.

The Founders Notebook is lightweight and made to travel. The covers have a little bit of shimmer, which means they stand out and show off your unique style.

You'd be surprised how meaningful a gift that really reflects the recipient's aesthetic can be, and an elegant notebook is a perfect fit for an admin.

2. Changeable Felt Board 

Help your team spice up their office space a little bit with a changeable felt board. This board comes with all the letters you need to add a positive message to a workspace, keep notes in a fun way, or make announcements to the office -- perfect for someone with a desk in a high-traffic area.

These boards are trendy, lighthearted, and easy to use: a fun gift for the admin who is already on top of everything.

3. Action Pad

Our admins are the people who juggle a hundred tasks and keep everything moving every single day. Help them do the amazing work they do with this daily goal and task manager: the Action Pad.

This smart pad allows the user to list a large number of tasks, but bring them into focus with a daily mindset, goals, and stretch goals. This gift is a great way to acknowledge how many tasks your admin team takes on in a day, while supercharging their progress.

4. Desk Zen Garden 

A little desk zen can go a long way. An easy way to welcome a little piece of peacefulness into the office is with a zen garden, designed specifically for small spaces, like a cubicle or front desk. When things get a little hectic, grab the small rake and start feeling the relaxation. 

It’ll be a hit for those who could use a small space for chilling out and refocusing during a stressful day at the office. 

5. Level Up Bundle

Productivity and mindfulness might seem like opposites, but they can go hand-in-hand with this powerful bundle of gorgeous products. The most successful people in the world make reflection a part of their daily process; they are always fine-tuning and making deliberate choices about where to devote their attention.

The Level Up Bundle has a Daily Reflection Journal and a Top 3 Today Pad: two beautifully simple daily planning tools that take productivity and mindfulness to the next level. Inspire reflection and focus with this powerful suite.

6. Temperature Control Mug

For those days that just won’t stop, there is caffeine. Thankfully! Keeping it warm, though, can be tricky and even taking 30 seconds to reheat a cup of coffee can seem like a big chunk of time. Luckily, technology has caught up with these minor inconveniences that sometimes feel major! 

Gift an Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug to the person who is doing the most in your office to keep everything together. The 10 ounce mug keeps drinks at any preferred temperature between 120 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. The mug will keep that temperature for up to an hour on the go, or all day if kept on the charging pad.

7. Self-Care Notepad

You never want a workplace gift to feel too personal, but this Self-Care Notepad strikes a perfect balance of professional and caring. We all know how important self-care is to a person's health and happiness, and this pad makes checking in on self-care practices easy and fun.

With lovely lavender foil details and a smart structure, this notepad is a low-cost gift that packs a stylish and functional punch.

8. Desk Plant 

Having a plant around can significantly decrease stress, improve air quality and, best of all, they just look really nice in an office. 

The Sill makes gifting a plant really easy and fun to do. There are options for beginners, those people that don’t think they can keep a plant alive (although they totally can!), and for the experts that work in your office. From pretty spring orchids to super-easy succulents, there’s a plant for every team member who deserves a little greenery at their desk.

9. Today Planner

A Today Planner is a powerful productivity tool that any admin with a busy schedule can appreciate. Each page of this undated planner includes a 14-hour block schedule, tasks list, notes for tomorrow, water intake check-in, activity tracker, and a space for notes.

This planner covers 3 months' worth of daily planning, meaning it's an incredible value for a low price. The soft, flexible cover is durable and travels well, which means it can travel from events to meetings and back to the desk every day with ease. Comes in 3 professional colors to match your recipient's style: black, navy, and charcoal.

10. Essential Oil Diffuser

If electronic oil diffusers at the office seem like a little too much, there’s still a good way to keep relaxing scents around without being overpowering for the whole office. These terra cotta diffusers don’t require any outlets and don’t mist anything into the air. Rather, the little clay balls hold onto a scent and are actually really aesthetically pleasing on a desk too.

A good gift for the superstars on your team is one that they will use and enjoy. A little bit of indulgence that makes the work day feel a little more comfortable or organized is a perfect way to say thanks!

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