By Christine Song

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

Treat your mom to something special.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! 

Do you need Mother’s Day gift ideas to honor and thank the mom in your life? 

Mothers give and support life, root for you through tough times, offer unconditional love, and take on not only the physical demands of raising you into the human being you are today, but also the emotional work that it takes to keep a family of all kinds together and strong. 

Mothers come in many forms: from the grandma or godmother that you had the best summers with, to stepmoms and mothers-in-law, to friends in your life who have become mothers themselves. 

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show love and appreciation for mothers everywhere, in whatever form they take for you. 

Whether your mom is near or far, a phone call away, or simply always in your heart and thoughts, a day of thanks for the role they have played in your life is a special one. 

Today we’re sharing some thoughtful, fun, and show-the-love Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you honor your relationship with your mom.

Mother’s Day gift ideas 

Traditional Mother’s Day gifts are often like the ones you see in the movies: little ones prepare an unappetizing (but thoughtful) breakfast in bed, maybe there are flowers and jewelry from a partner or dad, or maybe an older child calls from their home far away. 

But we think the whole idea behind a Mother’s Day gift is to put in some thought and care to do something or get something that is truly special and meaningful to your mom! 

What does she like to do, where does she like to go, what makes her happy, what are things she says she wishes she had or had time to do? If you can give something tailored to her, it doesn’t matter if it was expensive or not -- it is truly the thought that counts.

1. Start with a great Mother’s Day card. Often, the gift of your genuine thoughts, handwritten into a lovely card is all your mom really wants! Acknowledging and recognizing your mom in this way is a beautiful, heartfelt, and tailored way to express thanks on Mother’s Day. If you’re not sure what to write or where to start, we appreciate this guide put together by Good Housekeeping, which suggests focusing on these five themes: 
  • Show your appreciation for her and what she does for you. You can be sweet and sincere, or be a little silly, but the key is to speak to what makes your mom so special to you.
  • Praise her with a personalized note calling out her strengths. Is she a great listener? Does she make family events more fun? Make her feel seen by telling her what she does that you love!
  • Share a lesson that they’ve taught you or an example of how you used their wisdom in your own life. Mothers often impart their wisdom (whether you want it or not), but have you noticed most of the time...they’re actually right! How do they do it? 
  • Recounting a funny memory is a great way to keep things light and fun! Funny experiences, inside jokes, and fond, silly memories are excellent examples of some things you can share in your Mother’s Day card. Writing a thoughtful card doesn’t have to be all seriousness and sincerity. 
  • Share an inspiring or meaningful quote. One of Good Housekeeping’s last suggestions to write in a card is an inspirational quote like this one from Herman Hesse: "If I know what love is, it is because of you." If she has a favorite author or poet, reference something they’ve said for a sweet, personal touch.

2. What I Love About Mom: Fill in the Love Journal. A very personal way to share all of the ways and reasons that you love mom, this journal is the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea. Heartfelt and unique, this journal comes complete with 50 fill-in-the-blank prompts to help you describe why your mom is the absolute best. We like this gift because you don’t have to be great with words, and you can tailor it how you need to. If a prompt doesn’t quite fit or feel right, cross it off and adjust it as you need. You can go every which way with this gift as you fill in each blank, whether it be silly, honest, or profound.

3. Votes for Women Puzzle. To honor the women who have fought for women’s rights over the last 100 years, this beautiful puzzle is an activity that can be done over and over again. If you can join in with her on the adventure, even better! With 500 pieces, it’s a great way to spend time tackling a challenge.

4. Amazon Home Services. Give mom the gift of free time and a clean house, all at the same time! Services like Amazon Home Deep Cleaning make for a nice gift to those moms that work tirelessly to do it all; this might not be something they would ever consider getting for themselves, making it even more of a surprise and break for her. Make this gift do double duty by taking her out to lunch while the services are being done, or gift her a trip to a spa so that she can get pampered while the house is cleaned from top to bottom. 

5. Ink+Volt Inspirational Coloring Book and Pen/Pencil Set. Help mom escape the craziness of life as a busy mom with some time to unwind, get inspired, and spark her creativity with a beautiful inspirational coloring book and a quality pen or pencil set. This gift might just bring out her inner child! This is also perfect for those about to become mothers who are looking for some fun activities to do off her feet, or for new moms looking to get creative during nap time. The immersive designs are endlessly intricate and support a meditative, creative practice. Select pens and pencils from our specially curated list to complete this gift.

Mother’s Day 2020 (this year on May 10th) is coming up and will be here before you know it! We hope these ideas and thoughts give you a head start on choosing something special this year for anyone you call “mom.” 

And to all the moms out there, thank you!