Palomino Blackwing Colors Pencil Set

Palomino Blackwing Colors Pencil Set

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Why We Love It

We rigorously tested several different colored pencils in our Ink+Volt Coloring Book, and the Blackwing Colors always came out on top. From intricately detailed patterns to larger freeform designs, these pencils will give you beautiful color and control. The color lays down smoothly and evenly, and doesn't look streaky like some of the competitors we tested. You can't go wrong with a classic, quality product like these. Be epic in your creative endeavors with this set.

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Set of 12 A set of solid color choices, including: black, white, silver, brown, blue, light blue, purple, red, pink, green, yellow, and orange.
Japanese wax The coloring core of these pencils features Japanese wax for a smooth and even layer of color.
Metal hex cap Each pencil has a metal cap on the end to lend a bit of weight and balance.
Genuine incense-cedar The cedar casing made from genuine California incense-cedar sharpens evenly and easily.