Quiz: What's Your Planning Style?

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When you have a goal, what do you do?

Do you love creating to-do lists and schedules? Or do you work best with white boards and colorful pens? Do you plan for things months in advance? Or do you find yourself scrambling the night before to get things done? 

We all have our own planning and productivity personalities. Some of us may be more analytically minded, with our spreadsheets and step-by-step planning, while others may be more visually oriented, designing our lives with mind maps and vision boards.

It’s better to use productivity techniques and tools that fit your planning style rather than the other way around. So if you're a visual learner, you’re probably better off using visually oriented tools like highlighters and sticky notes, than forcing yourself to like spreadsheets.

Identifying your planning style can really help you stay on top of your work and be more productive. It can also do wonders for getting you excited for the day ahead. Instead of dragging your heels and using a system that frustrates or overwhelms you, you can turn to planning tools that make you feel empowered and ready to take on the day. 

Take our planning style quiz below to learn what kind of planner you are and the best tools that suit your style. 

The busy bee

Your planning style is busy bee if…

Your phone is constantly pinging with incoming work messages. Your calendar is filled to the brim with deadlines, appointments, and reminders. While you would love to be the type that plans for things a year in advance, you only have the bandwidth to plan for today or tomorrow. 

You need support with…You need a way to stay on top of your work and personal life. You also wouldn’t mind carving out some “me” time–if only there was a way to find it. 

Here are the best planning tools for you:

  • 3-month planner. Your schedule is unpredictable so planning out a year in advance may not be practical for you. Instead, try a 90 day planner to help you focus on your quarterly goals. This will help you prepare, get organized, and fulfill your work and personal goals while working with a shorter, more tangible time frame. 
  • Work Week Deskpad. You can schedule your work, errands, and appointments by the hour. This will help you get clear on the week ahead and stay on top of your schedule. 
  • Reflection Pad. While work-life balance may not always be achievable, you can still make time to check-in with yourself and see what you need. This notepad is great for those times you need to put your finger on why you feel a little off. Maybe you’ll realize that you need more time with friends or just time alone. It’s a simple way to prioritize your well-being. 

The camp counselor 

Your planning style is camp counselor if…

You make your bed first thing in the morning. You love lists, schedules, and routines. You're known for your thoughtful planning and attention to detail. You love organizing events and projects. Your workspace is neat and tidy and you’ve been known to go wild with the label maker. 

You need support with…You have a sharp eye for detail but sometimes it gets in the way of seeing the bigger picture. You’d love some support in managing your different projects and keeping track of all the moving parts. 

Here are the best planning tools for you:

  • Dashboard deskpad.  You can see all your big projects and essential tasks at a glance. And with a section on Top 3 Priorities and 6 Focus Areas, you’ll have your eye on the most important targets. 
  • Daily Task Pad. This isn’t your everyday to-do list. There’s space to define your Focus for the day, which will help you move through your day with more purpose. And there’s a Notes section to quickly jot down a reminder, observation, or even a positive affirmation. This is your new favorite planning tool. 
  • Priority Pad. With so many items on your to-do list, it can be hard to figure out what to act on first. Use the priority pad to help you narrow down your most essential tasks and get to work on them. 

The mad scientist 

Your planning style is mad scientist if…

Your desk is piled high with heaps of paperwork. You actually feel more creative working in a messy space. You like data and spreadsheets but you’re also into doodling and writing down notes on scrap paper. You have an organizational system that is understandable only to you. 

You need support with…Keeping track of all your brilliant ideas and observations. And remembering dates and deadlines. 

The best planning tools for you:

  • Kunisawa Sticky Memo. You don’t have to write down your ideas on scrap paper and the backs of receipts anymore. Why not make your note-taking a little more special with this simple but elevated Kunisawa sticky note?
  • Yearly planner. Keep track of all your goals and tasks in one comprehensive planner. A planner will add structure and focus to your days, and will help you prepare in advance. Plus, the time blocking layout will help you manage your time without feeling too restrictive. 
  • Mind map. This mind map will help you access your logical and creative side. You can brainstorm, problem solve, and form new connections between ideas. 

The artist

Your planning style is artist if…

You retain information more easily by writing things down. You could spend all day walking around a stationery store and admiring all the pens, highlighters, and pretty notebooks. You like to think about your goals and dreams through doodling, journal writing, and collage making. You love creative vibes.

You need support with…While you have no trouble envisioning big dreams and goals for yourself, you’d love some more support to make those dreams come to fruition. 

The best planning tools for you:

  • Goal planning pad. This planning pad will help you identify your goal along with all the relevant tasks you have to do to reach it. This will help you take action on your goals and make sure they become reality.
  • Weekly deskpad. Get all your ducks in a row with a weekly deskpad. The at-a-glance layout helps you manage your schedule while also giving you some breathing room for impromptu activities. 
  • Bullet journal. The dot grid layout lends itself to visually organizing your life with calendars, habit trackers, lists, and more. And you can have fun decorating your pages with gel pens and washi tape

Tell us: what’s your planning style?

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