Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for 2020

Two old books sit on a desk next to a pair of glasses and a paper clip holder.

Teachers deserve our gratitude all year long.

But Teacher Appreciation Day is a special time of year for showing the teachers in your life how important they are to you.

Teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world. They wear many hats, often at the same time and to different students. Teachers not only teach and educate their students, but they are frequently a confidant, a resource, a mentor, a source of inspiration and admiration, a leader. 

That’s not only a tall order, but a lot of responsibility and energy (often without much recognition) - it’s love and hard work pouring out of them from every angle, even during tiring and frustrating moments. 

That is why teachers deserve all of the thanks and recognition that we can give them all year round, no matter what the day. (Although Teacher Appreciation Day 2020 is coming up on April 22!)

What can you do to show your teacher appreciation today and any day of the year? Here are some of our best suggestions.

Teacher appreciation gift ideas

We like gifts that double as thoughtful and functional - these are especially nice because they’ll actually be used and provide a benefit to the teacher. 

However, even small gifts can make a big statement when they come with a thoughtful, heartfelt message or intention.

Whether used at home or school, the gift ideas below are sure to bring a smile to their face.

1. Send a Thank You Card

Appreciation can be shown in many ways, and a simple gift of heartfelt gratitude can go a long, long way. Write out a sweet, simple thank you card describing the impact the teacher has had on you, why you’re grateful for having had them in your life, or what lessons you have learned from them. You can drop it in the mail anytime to make your teacher smile.

Handwritten notes are like treasures that can be read over and over, so even though an email or text is better than no thanks at all, they’re more likely to get lost in an inbox and be forgotten. A card is a tangible reflection of true appreciation.

2. Kunisawa Find Ring Note - Spiral Notebook

This Japanese stationery is luxury at an affordable price. Worlds away from the traditional, common spiral ring notebook, Kunisawa’s line uses wonderfully smooth paper with accents of copper foiling to elevate your teacher's day into something extra special. These are available in three modern color options and are perfect for note-taking, lesson planning, or personal journaling. Each book has 80 pages of high class paper your teacher can look forward to filling.

3. Ink+Volt Today Organizer Pad

Everyone could use a little organization in their life and teachers are no different, especially with the challenges of juggling hectic days, many meetings, and energetic students. This pad will set your teacher up for success with its easy to use, efficiently laid out format, and tear off pages. 

With their day laid out in one place, they can write out their schedule, keep track of tasks and to-dos, and organize those inevitable items that need to get done tomorrow. We love this pad for its thoughtful features - like the hydration tracker along the bottom (because a hydrated teacher is a happier one) and a place for setting the day’s theme along the top. Help them stay productive with everything they need for the day at a glance.

4. Fabric Journal

For the teacher who is a poet, writer, or storyteller, they need a beautiful journal for all of their thoughts and words. These fabric journals come in an assortment of feminine and masculine fabrics, making them a nice gender neutral pick. It is a 8”x5.75” hardcover journal that gives it weight to stand up to daily use, and is covered in a printed book cloth with lay flat binding (yes!). The lined pages are just waiting to be filled!

5. Pigma Micron .45mm Assorted Color 6-Pack

What’s a teacher without a great pen? The ink and assorted colors in this set are what these world famous pens are known for - permanent ink that doesn’t bleed through, smudge, or clog! Whether your teacher is grading papers, preparing a lesson plan, or writing out their schedule for the week in their planner, these pens can do it all. The fine pen tip also means these are great for taking notes in small spaces. A reliable teacher needs a reliable pen, and these will deliver every single time.

6. Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen

Treat your teacher to a pen that will elevate their day every time they pick it up. They’re bound to fall in love with the luxurious weight and feel of this Caran d'Ache ballpoint pen; it looks expensive, but comes reasonably priced so it’s not a stretch. 

And of course, this pen writes smoothly and easily, making it a great for everyday writing. For the teacher that carries a pen in their pocket, this one has a sturdy yet flexible pen clip. And for those quiet moments in class, they can still feel the satisfying “click” without the actual click (the push button retraction is wonderfully quiet). 

7. Wooly Dumpling

A great, gender neutral teacher appreciation gift, byrd&belle’s Wooly Dumplings are super versatile carrying pouches that come in a variety of colors. Made of durable and thick wool, these little dumplings hold your most important items and can stand up to a day of travel because they hold their shape well. They’re a great desk accessory, or a to-go item to carry in their everyday bag.

Perfect for teachers: 

  • Who are into tech and always have the latest gadgets or a lot of cords, these easily and neatly store chargers, a laptop mouse, USB drives, headphones, etc.
  • Who are looking for a more sophisticated and durable pen/pencil case

These can easily store extra binder clips, sticky notes, paper clips, or washi tape - anything else your teacher needs to stay neatly organized!

Every teacher is unique, and so is each student; the relationships they build together over the course of a year or a semester (or even a lifetime) impacts the teacher-student on a small scale, but the effects of that bond will positively affect the whole community and beyond.

We hope your teachers love these teacher appreciation gift ideas above as much as we do!

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