The Most Exciting Gifts For Adventure-Seekers

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“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, poet and scholar

Perhaps the best part about adventure is that it changes us, and the thrill seekers in our lives know this. They’re always ready for a new experience that pushes the limits. 

Whether your favorite adventure-seeker is exploring far-off lands or discovering themselves a little closer to home, finding the perfect present can be a challenge. How do you give a gift when they much prefer an experience? 

It’s not always easy, but it is gratifying to see their face light up when they realize a new adventure is just around the corner.

Keep in mind these tips when deciding on a gift: 

  • It’s about the experience. Even if you aren’t giving an experience, look for something that will compliment what they love to do. 
  • Details matter. Opt for something with good quality. It can make all the difference. 
  • Get out of the box. It’s okay if your gift isn’t traditional. In fact, it might even be better if you get a little creative and stretch the boundaries a little bit. Go big, just like your adventurer. 

Need a few ideas to get started? These next few items will get you started, and might even encourage you to seek out a thrilling time for yourself! 

Snacks from around the world 

People who love adventure often like novelty and being able to try something new – that’s what makes a pack of snacks from around the world a great gift. Even if they haven’t traveled to that country or region of the world, there’s something to appreciate about a new flavor of candy or bag of chips. 

A waterproof journal that can go wherever they go

Adventurous travelers will love this waterproof notebook made of stone paper. They can take it anywhere from a scenic hike to a local coffee shop without fear of getting it wet and worn out. This softcover format also makes it easier to write in when they're on-the-go.  

A travel mug that goes everywhere

Keep them caffeinated on the go! It’s important to have a travel mug that keeps drinks hot (or cold). This mug is sure to fit in every cup holder or travel pack, no matter what size you choose. It also looks sleek while getting the job done – an added bonus to such an important part of any adventure gear. 

A night away

A night under the stars? How about a bed in the treetops? Both sound exhilarating and gifting a great night’s sleep has never been easier. Opt for a gift card for Airbnb. It’ll make their next journey even more unique, because they’ll be able to choose the right stay that’s perfect for them. 

Portable phone charger

Some of the most important gifts are also the most underrated. They’ll be so grateful for a snazzy portable phone charger that can be tucked away in a bag or even a pocket. This one from Clutch isn’t much bigger than a credit card, but packs a punch! They’ll never worry about their phone dying again. 

An adventure challenge 

You could scheme up an extravagant scavenger hunt or you could leave it to the professionals. The best part of this Adventure Challenge kit is that it’s already ready to go. All your recipient has to do is open it up, scratch a card for their next adventure and get to exploring. The kit comes with a film camera and film so they can document all the great times along the way. 

The coolest backpack

A pocket for everything they need and a sturdy design: A good travel pack is a necessity. You’ll want to look for something that fits their personality but also can transition from the office to the trail head. Whether it’s a day-long hike or a late night at the office, this backpack has it all – plus it can accommodate a 26 ounce bottle, so they’re prepared for any adventure ahead of them. 

A trusted voice in travel

A gift that gives for an entire year: A subscription to Conde Nast Traveler. Every edition of this magazine is packed with details of new hotels, exciting restaurants, and adventures to last a lifetime. There will be no shortage of inspiration here. 

A Pass to All U.S. National Parks

Adventure isn’t hard to find in any of the more than 400 national park sites across the U.S. For less than $100 you can gift a bevy of adventures, from hiking the Rockies to rafting through the Grand Canyon. The possibilities are endless with this pass to the U.S. National Park system. Pick up a colorful topographic map of their favorite site or park to make it even more special. 

Reminders to be courageous

A lot of uncertainty and second-guessing comes with thrill-seeking, but sometimes it only takes a nudge to regain all the courage needed to keep going. This box of faux matchsticks with prompts will spark feelings of bravery and confidence. It might not seem like much but it can make all the difference when things are uncertain or a little scary.   

An invitation to slow down

All that traveling and thrill seeking can be exhausting, and dare we say stressful? Let them know it’s okay to step back and take a break every now-and-then. These mindfulness dice can help create a few still moments no matter where they are. Releasing stress and a few deep breaths are just a roll away. 

Memories via scent

Whether their favorite place is in wine country or at the top of a 14-er, there is probably a candle with a scent that matches the experience. Reliving a favorite adventure is just a spark away! Bonfire nights, road trips, and the 19th hole are just a few scents to explore with Homesick Candles. You’ll find something for adventurers of all kinds.

Written by Kara Mason

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