By Kara Mason

7 Useful Gifts for Busy People

For the people who rarely slow down and need a gift that can keep up.

We all have that person on our gift list who is always on the go.

You know this person as the go-getter, and they can be particularly difficult to shop for because they never slow down! You’re going to have to think beyond a sweater or gift card for these people. For them, the most meaningful gift is one that is useful.

Thankfully there are a lot of useful gift options.

Our busy friends are efficient, so they’ve already got most things down to a science. For them, a useful gift must add value to their day or usher a little bit of efficiency into their lives. Unlike most gifts, you may have to think a little deeper or get a little creative to find something that’s the right fit. But you won’t have to blow your budget or go way out of your way.

You don’t need to wander aimlessly through a department store or search the great depths of the internet to find a good useful gift. Many times, a good useful gift is one that is tailored to the person and is quite simple.

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A Guided Journal

Being busy absolutely warrants a good downtime gift, too. All work and no play makes for considerably less fun gift giving. For all of your busy peeps, consider gifting a journal, like this Ink+Volt Gratitude Journal, that helps your friend make the most out of their self-care routine. 

The journal features 60 blank daily entries along with 10 weekly challenges.

We all know that journaling is a healthy way to de-stress and rejuvenate. A guided journal will help them find a little bit of calm and reflection in a crazy schedule.

Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock 

Waking up isn’t always easy to do. Some days it’s really, really difficult, especially in the winter when most of us get up before the sun. Even the busiest of people who are able to resist the urge to hit the snooze button can probably use some help getting a good night’s sleep. 

Consider a sunrise simulation alarm clock for all your busy friends. The clock helps you naturally wake up so you start your day more energized. It gets brighter about 20 minutes leading up to your alarm. Likewise, you can use the device to guide you into sleep too. It’ll gradually get dimmer, setting the stage for a restful night. 

Iced Coffee Maker + Wine Chiller

For iced coffee lovers, the struggle is real. It takes all night, or at least several hours, to make cold brew coffee. Tossing a few ice cubes in a fresh French press just doesn’t do the trick either. There’s no true way to get a good iced coffee when the craving hits, that is unless you have maybe the most useful gift of all time: the HyperChiller Long Lasting Ice Cold Beverage Cooler

It works on other beverages, too! 

Basically, it works like this: you put water in the 12.5 ounce tumbler and freeze it. When it’s completely frozen (you can keep it in your freezer until you need it) just pour your coffee or wine or any other drink you want to cool immediately into the chamber of the tumbler. It’ll take about a minute to cool the drink and voilà, iced coffee or chilled wine. 

The HyperChiller might not seem like a particularly glamorous gift, but it will get some serious exercise and praise each time it’s used.

Portable Oil Diffuser 

There seems to be at least one day each week when we are chained to our desks, digging out from a pile of emails and catching up on as many of our monotonous tasks as possible. It can easily become overwhelming, but it's nothing you can’t handle with a few deep breaths. Add a few drops of peppermint oil into the mix, and you’re ready to go. 

The busy person needs a portable oil diffuser (which simply uses a USB port to operate) in their office for these days. It can help set the mood for anything the day throws their way. Need a boost? A few drops of citrus oil. Feeling run down? Add some clove essential oil. Winding down after a big project? Eucalyptus oil will do the trick.

Portable oil diffusers don’t take up a ton of space and their relatively inexpensive, making them a win-win gift.

A Productivity Bundle

There's a famous proverb: "If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one."

Multi-tasking is an important skill to have, but equally as important is the ability to focus and get things done. Which is why the Ink+Volt 2020 Planner + Daily Task Pad bundle is the perfect gift for your busiest friends.

While the planner lays out your yearly, monthly, and weekly goals, the task pad is the perfect accessory to list your daily tasks and to help you make progress toward those overarching goals.

Giving a busy bee the gift of being even *more* productive? We call that a holiday win.

Mini Lightning Headphone + Charging Cable Splitter

Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest solutions we didn’t even know we needed. On at least a weekly basis you probably struggle between needing to charge your iPhone and plug in your headphones. For everybody, including the go-getter, this is among the most annoying predicaments. That is if you don’t have a handy little device that allows you to do both. A $10 cable will allow you to charge your phone and listen to a podcast at the same time. Multitaskers rejoice! 

This particular gift is so useful (okay, more like genius) you’ll want to pick one up for yourself too. Go ahead, it’s worth it!

A Chic Emergency Kit

Having a mini wardrobe emergency — like a ripped seam or broken strap — has never been so cute. Pinch Provisions’ “minimergency” kits pack a big punch in a velvet 3.5 inch by 2 inch tote, easy enough to throw in a backpack, work bag, purse or car. They are about the size of your hand, so finding a place to stash it isn’t a problem at all.

The minimergency kit comes stocked with everything you could possibly need, like floss, stain remover, clear nail polish, and even bandaids. There are 17 items in all included in the kit. Even better yet, Pinch Provisions sells refill kits, so when you’ve maxed out on emergencies, you can fill it right back up with whatever supplies you need (like chapstick, breath drops, dry shampoo, everything!) 

The mini kits come in six different velvet colors plus a few other prints. They ring in at about $19. Preparing for life’s curveballs has never been so easy… or fun.