What’s on Our Desks: Get Inspired by How We Use Our Ink+Volt Planners

What’s on Our Desks: Get Inspired by How We Use Our Ink+Volt Planners

There’s something so inspiring about getting a peek at how other people stay organized. 

I love scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest and seeing how other people lay out and decorate their planners and bullet journals. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only person obsessed with pens, paper, and planners out there, and it’s really rewarding to see all of the tools that other people are using!

In that spirit, here’s a peek at some gorgeous photos taken right here in our own office to give you some organizational inspiration for ways to use, accessorize, and improve your Ink+Volt Planner!

A grey Ink+Volt Planner on a marble countertop with a Daily Task Pad, Lamy Fountain Pen, and greeting cards.

At the heart of this photo is the Ink+Volt Signature Series Planner in charcoal, which slips nicely into just about any day bag! 

Along with it is the Ink+Volt Daily Task Pad, which is the perfect daily complement to your planner. While the planner helps you stay on top of your bigger picture monthly and weekly goals, sometimes you need to get more granular. And that’s where the Daily Task Pad comes in. The philosophy behind the Task Pad is simple: set your focus for each day and then list your intentions in priority order just like a traditional to-do list. 

I love that the pages come without dates — you can just circle or highlight the day of the week at the top and write in the date — and that there’s space for notes at the bottom. I like to write tiny reminders there or words of encouragement that I want to keep in mind!

The Lamy Safari fountain pen is one of the most popular fountain pens in our shop for a reason. They have a fine steel nib that makes them perfect for everyday writing, and they come with blue ink cartridge. The pen’s body is a light plastic that feels super comfortable in your hand — but the lovely colors of the pen still make it look elegant and refined.

With the sturdy, high-quality pages of the Ink+Volt Planner and the Daily Task Pad, you won’t need to worry about any ink bleeding through. I think the white Lamy Safari is the perfect match with this charcoal gray planner, but the pens also come in yellow, red, or pink if you want to brighten things up. (Love fountain pens? Get more fountain pen recs here!) 

Last but not least is the Colette Stationary Card Set. This gorgeous set includes 12 flat notes with beautiful gold foil floral details (you can see a sneak peek of those in the upper right hand corner of this photo!), plus 12 envelopes. The cards themselves come in three colors — light pink, blue, and green — and they’re blank, making them perfect for any occasion. Bonus: the Lamy Safari will write beautifully on these as well!

A black Ink+Volt Planner on a tabletop with a charcoal planner sleeve, Blackwing pencils, a pen quiver, and gold binder clips.

This photo is anchored by another Ink+Volt Signature Series Planner — this one’s in black, which I think makes the signature soft-touch cover look even richer.

The planner is nestled inside one of our Ink+Volt Wool Planner Sleeves that’s made by our friends over at byrd & belle. If you haven’t tied one of these planner sleeves yet, you are missing out! They’re custom-made to fit our planners like a glove (though with their 10” x 6.5” dimensions, they can also fit most standard notebooks/planners up to 1” thick), and they have a fantastic exterior pocket that fits extra small items like pens, small notepads, business cards, or even a cell phone.

The Quiver Pen Holder (seen here holding a white Lamy Safari fountain pen) is another must-have. With space for up to two pens in the pocket, it has an elastic band that fits perfectly around your planner so you'll never lose your favorite pen in the depths of your bag again!

If your planner is full of to-do lists, then the Calendar Tape Rolls in this photo are perfect for you. You get two tape rolls per set: one with a numbered list from 1-10 and one with circular bullet points/checkboxes. The semi-sheer, matte tape has a writable surface and performs best with permanent markers, ballpoint pens, or pencils.

Speaking of pencils, the ones featured here are made for all the artists in the house. Palomino Blackwing pencils are renowned and beloved for their sophistication and performance. With a soft Japanese graphite core, these pencils write soft and smooth — perfect for drawings, doodles and sketches in the margins of your planner.

Last but not least are the Deco Paper Clips. These gold, steel paper clips add some sparkle to the papers on your desk. If the two ribbon page markers in your Ink+Volt planner aren't enough, use these clips to mark sections you'll want to be able to easily flip to again and again.

A goldenrod Ink+Volt planner sits on a wooden plank table with gel pens and washi tape on top.

This desk is full of bright colors, right down to the Brilliant Series Ink+Volt Planner in goldenrod! 

The beautiful, golden cover is perfectly complemented by two rolls of colorful washi tape, one of the trendiest craft supplies out there. There are tons of Pinterest and Instagram posts dedicated to the many versatile uses of this tape, but some of our favorites are the ways you can use it to truly make your planner your own.

Decorate the pages, or use it to totally re-envision the layout of your favorite page. It can be a label on a calendar, a section header, a name tag, and more! We’ve stocked a huge variety of patterns and colors of washi tape in the shop, so you'll definitely be able to find something that matches your style and your planner perfectly. 

Gel pens (like the metallic Gelly Roll pens featured here) are the perfect companion to your washi tape! These sparkly gel pens are perfect for arts and crafts, journaling, note-taking, doodling, drawing, and more. 

Gel pens use similar ink to rollerballs or ballpoint pens, but the difference is the ink is suspended in a water-based gel, which allows for darker, richer, and more opaque inkflow that will show up more clearly on dark or slick surfaces — like washi tape! My favorite thing about using gel pens is all of the colors they come in. Use them to color-code your planner or decorate your days with colorful doodles. (See more of our gel pen recs here!)

How do *you* use your Ink+Volt Planner and accessories? We’d love to see! Tag us in your photos @inkandvolt on Instagram!

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