Binder Filler Paper Lined

Binder Filler Paper - Lined

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What goes better inside your new and modern binder than the paper that goes with it? This isn’t your average pack of filler paper. Should you need to take your notes to go, each page is perforated so it tears out easily. Additionally, these sheets are bright-white and have five hole-punches aligned on the side to fit most standard binders.

Each pack comes with 80 sheets. 

Product Specs

9 1/8" x 11"

80 sheets per pack

Lined format

Why We Love It

A good-looking binder deserves good-looking filler paper. These pages are bright and crisp, and we love that you can tear them out cleanly with the perforated edges. The pages have two sets of holes for convenient safe keepings to keep your organized. With space for the Day/Month on the top right corner it leaves plenty of space on the page for your notes, lists, ideas or musings.