Hoso-Taku Brush Pen

Hoso-Taku Brush Pen

Known in Japanese as the “Fude Pen Hoso-Taku,” this unique brush pen is a water-based dye pen. With a flexible felt tip, it can be used to create thick or thin lines with ease and works well with any writing style. The ink is a rich, dark black color. The pen also comes with one refill ink cartridge.


Writing samples coming soon!

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Why We Love It

Kuretake is known for their brush pens. Whenever our family members would go to Japan these were the things we would beg them to bring back to us. When you write with these you have a lot of tip control - which is great if you are drawing, doodling, or creating your next work of art.


Black ink Black high quality ink.
Refill ink cartridge Comes with an extra refill cartridge.