10 Gifts for All Kinds of Busy Moms

A red bag with a planner and productivity pad, next to a sprig of spruce, glittery shoes, and a gift.

We all know that mom. She's busy, she's always on the go, and she’s got so much going on that she can be hard to shop for. 

Not all moms are the same kind of busy or have the same interests, but there are still a few factors that are important to keep in mind when you’re starting to shop for the perfect gift: 

  • Efficiency. How will this help her daily life?
  • Aesthetic. This is a gift, so it should be something she’ll be excited to receive.
  • Personality. Does this align with her lifestyle and add value?

Now onto the shopping! Here are our tried-and-true recommendations.

For the organized mom — Ink+Volt Today Organizer Pad

There’s a sense of luxury to being organized. Moms who seem to have it all together know that it’s all in the details. So gifting the organized mom something she can use everyday and make life a little easier is the way to go.

The Ink+Volt Today Organizer Notepad is a great way to keep everything — we mean everything — sorted and stylish. She’ll find a schedule, task list, and even a spot to look ahead to tomorrow all in one place. The notepad feels elevated and will be a pleasure to write on, with bright white paper that’s super smooth and creamy.

For the foodie mom — Graze Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are great gifts for busy moms because they have a lot of options and different things to try. For the mom who is always trying (and sharing!) a new snack, hook her up with the Graze box. It has really pretty packaging, so it looks great coming in the mail, and it’s tailored to each recipient. 

These are all healthy snacks too, so grabbing for a hectic day is no problem here.

For the reading mom — One Story Subscription

How some moms make enough time for reading is beyond the rest of us, but they always seem to have a book recommendation to share and the latest and greatest read tucked in their work bag for the in-between moments. 

Instead of gifting a book, try a whole year of stories. A 12-month subscription to One Story is $21 and the recipient gets a new short story each month. Literary devotees have been raving about the service, which has published more than 200 authors since its founding in 2002. 

For the traveling mom — Everywhere Mug 

She is going places, so she should have a sleek mug that travels well. The Everywhere Mug comes in a ton of colors — 16 to be exact — and has all the must-have features, plus a sleek and minimal design.

This is a great option for busy moms because it fits almost any cup holder and it looks cool in any setting. Elevate your mom's coffee (or tea...or wine...) game with an elevated cup that's just her style.

For the eco-friendly mom —  Reusable Mesh Grocery Bags

Not every thoughtful gift has to be a grand gesture. Eco-friendly moms will testify that some of the best gifts can be practical. And because a busy mom can never have enough reusable bags, gift her some trendy cotton mesh bags. These are perfect for hitting the farmers markets or the produce section at the local grocery store. Because they’re cotton, they can also be washed pretty easily, just throw them in the laundry — big points on this for busy moms. 

These bags are great to keep in the car or by the door. They’re also really affordable. You can buy three for about $11 on Amazon. 

For the mom who deserves some self-care — Self-Care Pad

All busy moms know that time is precious, which means that self-care can often be in short supply. Help your mom make self-care a regular practice with this beautiful, strategically designed notepad that helps her create a routine and a plan for self-care.

This notepad is a lovely addition to a desk, kitchen counter, or nightstand - wherever your mom can take a moment to reflect on how she feels and what she needs. A gift that won't break the bank, but that speaks volumes about your love and care.

For the creative mom - Ink+Volt Inspirational Coloring Book

Everyone needs a break, and moms are no exception. Help the busy mom in your life relax and recharge on her own terms — *and* get inspired — with this coloring book. 

Studies show that creative activities like coloring improve productivity and reduce stress. It can even help the mom in your life organize her thinking and process big ideas, as a meditative practice that allows your mind to relax and recharge.

Each page in this book combines an inspiring phrase with an intricate, beautiful illustration to color — the combination of which will inspire her to live her best life and do her best work, all while helping her mind unwind. 

For the mom who's always in a meeting — Work Week Deskpad

A busy schedule is no match for this powerhouse planning deskpad. With hourly time blocks that stretch from morning to evening, 5 days a week, this deskpad is made for moms who are always going to meetings, working with clients, or running a ton of errands.

This deskpad is printed on creamy, thick paper and features gold foil detailing to elevate any space where it's kept. Help your mom wrangle her schedule and feel on top of it all, no matter how busy her week gets.

For the fit mom — Ink+Volt Fitness Planner

A fitness planner is the perfect way to support your mom who loves to exercise. Help her set goals, track progress, and celebrate wins with this intelligently designed fitness planner.

Powered by the same proven planning tools behind the bestselling Ink+Volt Goal Planner, the Ink+Volt Fitness Planner has 3 months of planning pages to help your mom achieve her biggest fitness goals. Every week, she can plan and track her workouts, as well as record habits she wants to develop and journal about her thoughts and progress.

For the techie mom — Withings Smart Watch

A lot of tech accessories can lack stylish qualities, and finding pieces that live up to both standards can take research and time. For moms needing a tracking device that has elements of both, look to the Withings Smart Watch. It tracks everything from your heart rate to where your bus stop is with connectivity to your phone.

The best part: It doesn’t look like a clunky futuristic watch. It’s trendy and has the timeless look of a classic watch. Techie moms will appreciate all of the features, including a long battery life and recognition of up to 30 activities, so tracking exercise, or just running from meeting to meeting, is easy.

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