14 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Love

A colorful array of mother's day gifts, including books and notepads.

Mother’s Day is almost here (May 9, 2021) but you still have time to select a thoughtful and unique gift for your mom.

Finding gifts for our moms can sometimes be a challenge. After all, what do you get the woman who gave you the gift of life? It feels like getting her a mug or a gift card just doesn’t quite cut it…

It can also be tough if your mom is the type who insists she already has everything, or doesn’t need anything special on Mother’s Day. 

At the end of the day, when it comes to finding a gift for moms, it really is the thought that counts. When you give a gift that is chosen with love and care for what your mom would really like, the sentiment comes through. 

Whether you have the mom who already has everything or a friend who’s a new mom celebrating her first Mother’s Day, these unique Mother’s Day gifts would certainly make any mom feel so loved and appreciated. 

Things to consider when shopping for unique Mother's Day gifts

The trick to selecting a unique Mother’s Day gift is to add a personal touch. A small acknowledgement of your mom’s taste and interests can go a long way and make a gift just that much more special.

Here are some things to consider when picking out a Mother’s Day gift:

  • What’s her favorite food?
  • What makes her smile?
  • Where are her favorite places to travel?
  • What’s her favorite TV show or movie genre?
  • What comforts her?
  • What’s her guilty pleasure?
  • What’s something she needs that she would never buy for herself?

1. 50 Things About My Mother

This beautifully illustrated gift book is filled with fun and insightful prompts to help you get to know your favorite person. Find out your mom’s superpowers, talents, traits, and more with this fun book that will be sure to bring you two closer together. Not only will you get to have some quality bonding time with mom, but she’ll get to spend more time with you, which is the one gift moms can never get enough of! 

2. Scratch-Off Card - Gold+Black Heart

    Does your mom already have everything she needs? Gift her a special service or experience, and reveal it with this fun scratch-off greeting card! All you do is write your special message (like "good for one picnic in the park") and then place the scratch-off sticker on top. Mom can scratch off the card to reveal your gift and any other words of love or gratitude you want to share.

    3. Fitness planner

      This smart planner is built on our proven Ink+Volt planning system, but designed specially to help you achieve your fitness goals. If your mom is working towards a fitness goal, or if she just loves to stay active, this planner can help her track her goals and improve her progress over a full 90 days. It's sleek, stylish, and simply effective.

      4. Inspiring coloring book

      There's something meditative about coloring in an intricate design in a coloring book. If your mom could use a break, give her this special coloring book, full of detailed hand-drawn illustrations with inspiring phrases woven throughout. Pair it with pens for an ultimate relaxation, creativity, and mindfulness bundle.

      5. The Founders Notebook

      Made of exquisite materials by a world-renowned printing company based in the heart of Tokyo, the Founders Notebook is truly something special. It is thoughtfully designed down to the smallest detail; with shimmering, durable covers and lightweight but luxurious materials, this notebook is made to travel and look great wherever you take it. The gold-edge detailing and the high quality paper make this notebook feel so luxurious, yet the price won’t break the bank. 

      6. Homemade cake mix in a mason jar

      This clever and thoughtful gift is like having two gifts in one! For the cake mix, just combine dry ingredients for a delicious cake and add a cute card with the recipe. Plus, the mom gets to keep the pretty mason jar and use it as she pleases.

      7. Personalized calendar with photos

      I’ve never met a mom who didn’t love a photo of her kids or grandkids. Find some memorable photos from trips or special occasions and have them framed or turned into personalized calendars, refrigerator magnets, or even pillows! In today’s digital age, your mom will be so touched to have an actual photo to display. 

      8. Streaming service subscription 

      Maybe your mom can’t get enough of Miss Marple mysteries. Or maybe she’s a horror movie buff whose idea of relaxing is to watch a thriller on the couch. Consider giving her a subscription to a streaming service like Britbox or Shudder. This is something she’d probably never consider getting for herself and she’ll be so pleased every time she has something special to watch on a quiet night at home. 

      9. Calligraphy workbook and brush pen

      This is a thoughtful and unique gift for moms who are retirees or any mom who’s looking to take up a new hobby or do something creative. Encourage her creative pursuits with this beautifully illustrated and easy-to-follow calligraphy book, along with a lovely brush pen. 

      10. Flower subscription box

      A monthly subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving. And shouldn’t moms be celebrated all throughout the year? You can make her feel so special by having a fresh bouquet of flowers delivered to her every month.  

      11. Plush bathrobe and home spa essentials

      After a long day, your mom deserves to relax in this cozy and plush bathrobe. Round out the gift with a scented candle that reminds her of her favorite city or vacation spot. Add some sheet masks, nice lotions, or a jade facial roller so she can have a mini spa day any day. 

      12. Cozy sweater or sweatpants

      This sweater and sweatpants set are so cute and stylish. Your mom can wear this to lounge indoors and curl up with a good book or stream her favorite movie. 

      13. Swan’s Maine Beekeeper raw honey

      Make tea time feel even more special with this creamy honey from Maine. For an extra personalized touch, try to find a snack or beverage from the area your mom grew up in or loves to visit. 

      14. Weekly deskpad with gold foil details

      A bright and elegant deskpad that brings cheer to any desk. Give mom a unique gift that brightens up her kitchen, home office, or workspace and lets her plan out her important tasks and appointments, like scheduling a phone call with you!

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