21 Gift Ideas for Mom She’ll Actually Use

A planner sits next to a rose gold pen and a chocolate bar on a table with a cup of tea and cozy blanket.

Let’s be honest: Finding a gift for Mom can be *really* hard.

She might be one of the people who knows you best. The person you call on your best days and worst (or when you need to know how to get a stain out). But there’s something about shopping for her that can feel downright impossible sometimes.

Whether you’re celebrating her birthday or a big milestone, shopping for Mother’s Day or another special occasion, we’ve pulled together a list of 21 gift ideas your mom will actually love (and use!). 

For the mom who loves a to-do list

  • Ink+Volt Planner: Our bestselling goal planners have helped thousands of people be more successful for a reason: they are all built with research-backed layouts that help you set and achieve goals. Your mom will love the feeling of checking every. single. thing. off her to-do list all year long!
  • Weekly Desk Pad: Help your mom take her planning to the next level and take control of every week with this desk pad that will help her organize her schedule, set goals, track habits, and follow up on important items for later.
  • Today Organizer Pad: The Ink+Volt Today Organizer Pad is a to-do list on steroids, and your super organized mom is going to *love* it. She’ll be able to time-block her day with the hour-by-hour schedule, keep track of her goals and tasks, *and* make sure she’s drinking enough water with the built-in hydration tracker.
  • A Dry-Erase Desktop Pad: If your mom is constantly scrambling to find scrap paper to jot notes down on, this desktop dry-erase pad might be the answer she’s been looking for. 

For the mom whose creativity knows no bounds

  • Coloring book: Give your mom the gift of an escape into her creativity and imagination with the Ink+Volt Inspirational Coloring Book. Coloring is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness, relax and recharge, and flex your creative muscles, and your mom is sure to love the beautiful illustrations and inspirational phrases that fill this book’s pages!
  • 642 Stories to Write: If your mom is a natural storyteller, this journal will help her flex her creative muscles with 642 unique prompts that will get her writing every day.
  • Prompt Journal: This guided journaling book features 91 daily journaling prompts, plus 10 larger weekly prompts, to help inspire your mom's creative writing practice.
  • Brush pens: Your artistic mom will love these paintbrush-like pens that she can use for everything from coloring to hand lettering and more. Using these high-quality pens is just like painting with watercolors, but without the mess and cleanup!

For the mom who rocks the latest fashions

  • Founders notebook: There’s nothing like a gift that’s both functional and stylish, and these new notebooks crafted in partnership with Japanese stationer Kunisawa fit both bills. Choose from one of three galaxy-inspired covers, and your mom is guaranteed a beautiful, sophisticated notebook that she will be eager to write in and show off.
  • Lamy Logo M+ Pen: Remind your mom how brilliant she is with this special edition of the fan favorite ballpoint pen, that features brightly colored body options. It’s the perfect gift for the mom who always chooses the perfect accessory.
  • A delicate necklace: A *way* better way to send flowers. Skip the bouquet delivery, and put her favorite flower on this delicate chain instead.

For the mom who crushes it at the office

  • Executive notebook: This notebook was made to be filled with big ideas, to inspire leadership, and to look good doing it. Your mom will love the slightly oversized layout so she can really get creative as she plans her next big move in the boardroom or at home. 
  • Priority Pad: For the mom who has a lot on her plate, the Ink+Volt Priority Pad will help her make sure she’s focused on what really matters, giving every day structure and calm with this smart pad that will help her quickly visualize where all her time is being spent.
  • A nice pen: There’s something about a really nice pen that can really elevate your work — or at the very least, your attitude about your work. The Lamy Safari fountain pen is the most popular for a reason — they look light and sleek, and write beautifully and comfortably.
  • Meeting Notes notepad: Help your mom make the most of every meeting with this minimalist notepad that is formatted to help you follow and keep track of the natural flow of all your meetings, giving Mom an organizational edge.
  • A beautiful work bag: The struggle to find a bag that can fit your mom’s laptop, notebook, wallet, *and* everything else she needs to carry is real, and this tote from Everlane is the answer. It’s stylish, roomy, and comfortable to carry — win, win, win.

For the mom who is all about wellness

  • Gratitude journal: Cultivating a gratitude practice is one of the only scientifically proven ways to make you happier, making this beautiful gratitude journal the perfect gift for the mom who is always trying to improve her physical and mental wellness. 
  • One Of A Kind Journal: Help your mom check in and tune in with herself with this beautiful journal that’s filled with prompts to help her live a more intentional and well-balanced life.
  • Progress Pad: If your mom is always picking up new wellness routines, this notepad will help her keep track and stay on track. Whether she’s trying to start meditating, working out daily, or meal planning, the Progress Pad will help her track habits new and old and inspire consistent progress toward her goals.
  • Fitness tracker: Inspire your mom to stay active and track all of her progress whether she’s walking, running, biking, or swimming with a fitness tracker like the Fitbit.
  • A really nice water bottle: Whether your mom hits the trails or the gym, the cult favorite Hydro Flask water bottle will keep her hydrated (and her water ice cold!) all workout long.

Written by Emily Morrow.

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