Cute Planners You’ll Fall in Love With

A cute planner sits open to a weekly planning page next to a cheerful lemon patterned notecard and pen.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make you smile and brighten your day. 

This is especially true of the things you use and come into contact with on a daily basis. Take your planner - a great planner keeps you organized and productive, on schedule and more intentional, but a cute planner also makes you happy, brightens your workspace, and brings joy to tiny moments in your everyday life! 

But can “cute” be professional? Can “cute” still be functional and productive? The short answer is YES. 

So before giving up on finding a cute planner that can still meet your productivity needs, let’s look at ways you can get the best of both worlds. 

The benefits of adding cuteness to your day

Can a cute planner really make a difference in your day and in your life? We think so! 

Incorporating cute, unique elements into your day can go a long way to transforming your workspace, making you feel more relaxed, and motivating you through challenging days. Having work tools that you love means you’re more likely to use the item or complete a dull task that incorporates it. Think of a boring, uninteresting task that you avoid doing (filing, anyone?); but, if you get to use a cute office supply that brings you joy during that boring task, it can really jumpstart your motivation to get the task done. 

The same goes for a planner. If you’ve struggled to incorporate a planner in your day-to-day,, or want to find ways to make using your planner more fun and enjoyable, having a cute planner can make a difference. 

The tools you use should make you successful, provide you with a source of inspiration, motivate you, and delight you! 

Finding your cute planner 

Before searching for “cute planners” on the internet and being bombarded with all sorts of things, think about what cute means to you, what elements you like, and what kinds of things normally bring you joy in your favorite products.

  • What brings you delight and joy when you look at something cute? Elements that are beautiful, colorful, unique, playful, etc.?
  • Are cute accessories or features important to you, like a funky ribbon or exterior band, fun textures or sticker options?
  • Do you find animals or plants and natural elements cute? 
  • What about cute and silly/provocative/fun words, phrases, or prompts?
  • Did you see someone else’s planner and think that it was really cute? Why did you think it was cute?

Thinking about the cute things that make you happy will give you focus, so you won’t get overwhelmed by all of the options out there. 

Cute planners you will love

Cute planner covers. When you see this cover, you just might fall in love with its cuteness. A customizable option from Paper Source, this 12-Month Disco Mermaid Planner is sure to get you compliments. A spiral ring planner with two pockets and plenty of stickers, you still have lots of space to stay productive with monthly and weekly views, a section for special dates and notes.

Actually, many of Paper Source’s other 12-Month customizable planners have really cute covers too, whether you're drawn to animals, nature and scenery, or food!

Cuteness that pops and inspires. The Erin Condren Beautiful and Capable LifePlanner does an excellent job of catching your eye with a motivational phrase, and continuing with pops of color throughout. 

These planners allow you to choose the cover design, coordinate the coil/spiral binding, choose a colorful or neutral color scheme, and select the interior weekly layout (you have three options to choose from: vertical, horizontal, or hourly). The Radiant LifePlanner is inspiringly cute too. 

Cute colors and customization. Did you know the Ink+Volt Planner you love can be printed and completely customized? The 2020 Ink+Volt Planner PDF is a great option if you want to print it and have it bound in your preferred size and format. Choose fun paper colors, mark it up with bright highlighters, or decorate it with adorable and functional stickers.

Once you have it printed, insert the pages into a cute metallic bookcloth 3-ring binder! You can’t beat the research-backed, proven system for staying productive and achieving your goals. 

Cute details make all the difference. If you already have a planner that you love or just want to add more cuteness to the inside of your planner, there are so many ways you can incorporate cute accessories and elements:

We love fun desk accessories and a really cool pen paired with a cute planner. Share with us the cute planners you’ve fallen in love with on social @inkandvolt!

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