8 Inspiring Mindfulness Gifts for Friends, Family, and Coworkers

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Looking to show someone how much you care? You can’t go wrong with a gift that encourages mindfulness.

In this hustle and bustle age, where we toggle between screens, and juggle a million different devices and tasks, mindfulness is more essential than ever. The act of slowing down and being focused on the present is key to living a healthier and more fulfilling life. And what better way to show your recipient how much you care than treating them to a gift that helps them relax and live life.

There are lots of different ways to achieve mindfulness. From meditating to coloring to knitting, mindfulness can be experienced in a variety of ways. You don’t need much practice or any fancy tools to practice mindfulness. In spite of this, people are either intimidated by the practice of mindfulness, or they convince themselves they don’t have time for it. 

That’s why your mindfulness gift is such an act of love and gratitude. You are showing your recipient how much you care about them and their mental and physical well-being.

Here’s our guide on how to choose the best mindfulness gifts according to the recipient. 

Mindfulness gifts for coworkers

The office might seem like the least likely place to practice mindfulness--after all, it’s practically synonymous with deadlines and multitasking and stress and anxiety--but this is precisely why workplace mindfulness is so necessary and important. Mindfulness isn’t just a new-agey buzzword, it’s a beneficial practice that can help you improve your focus and concentration, and lower your stress and anxiety levels. 

So if you’re looking to show your gratitude to a manager who’s gone out of their way for you or do something nice for a coworker who’s been having a particularly rough year, then a mindfulness gift is not only appropriate, but welcomed. 

The key to finding a mindfulness gift for someone in the office is to make sure that it’s both practical and professional. You’ll want to find something that they can use again and again, and will make their work life easier. 

Here are some mindfulness gifts for people in your office:

Daily Reflection Journal

This is perfect for the coworker or manager who’s looking to tend to their personal and professional development. These daily prompts will encourage introspection and help them understand what they’re doing well and what they can do to improve. The Daily Reflection Journal serves as their own personal coach, encouraging them on their path to success. 

Hardcover notebook

If your coworker is feeling burdened by their devices, encourage them to give analog a try with a good old fashioned notebook. With a sturdy, well-made cover and beautiful thick pages, this Ink+Volt hardcover notebook can be used for writing meeting notes, brainstorming, journaling, and more. Plus, when you write things by hand, you’re more likely to slow down and retain information. This is a win-win for workplace mindfulness. 

Ink+Volt Inspirational Coloring Book

If your coworker is looking for a simple way to cope during stressful times at the office, look no further than the simple but mighty coloring book. Coloring has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve focus and concentration. Your coworker could easily use this coloring book between meetings or to help them decompress after work. When you add it to your cart, bundle it with this set of colorful gel pens to add extra cheer to their day.

Mindfulness gifts for friends

Whether it’s your best friend who’s been working long hours at the office or the new mom who deserves a much-needed break, the friends in your life will surely benefit from a mindfulness gift.

So what do we get for the friend who’s in dire need of some rest and relaxation? While self-care usually conjures images of expensive spa treatments and week-long getaways, you don’t have to break the bank to find a meaningful gift. Consider a gift that encourages your friend to pause or be introspective, or something that elevates everyday moments. 

Here are some simple gifts that will encourage them to wind down and take pleasure in the present. 

Latte bowls

Add some peace and relaxation to your friend’s morning with a latte bowl in a soothing hue. Whether it’s a steaming cafe au lait or an assortment of fresh fruit or a healthy yogurt parfait, this pretty latte bowl makes breakfast feel more special every day. 

Gratitude journal

This gratitude journal is a wonderful way to slow down and find peace. With 60 blank entries, your friend can record their daily observations and reflections on what they are grateful for. There are inspirational quotes spread throughout, to help encourage them along the way. Plus, the textured pastel cover is lovely enough to display on a nightstand. 

Mindfulness gifts for loved ones

We all have that family member who would do anything for the people in their lives, but will then neglect their own self-care needs. That’s why our parents and loved ones are so challenging to shop for. They insist that they don’t need anything special and they consider any gift to be an extravagance. 

Luckily, mindfulness gifts will please those people in your life who favor practicality over indulgence. And after feeling so relaxed and comforted by these gifts, they won’t even realize that they are taking care of themselves. :)

Here are mindfulness gifts for the people in your life who never think to treat themselves but would be so touched by your thoughtfulness. 

Pont Neuf William Morris Journal

Whether it’s to record daily observations, organize their thoughts, or help them cope during stressful times, a journal is a great mindfulness gift for loved ones. They will especially love writing in this Pont Neuf William Journal. With its smooth paper and gorgeous floral cover that draws the eye to carefully examine each detail, it’s an elegant gift that elevates a nightstand or workspace. 

Campfire candle

Scent is so evocative and this campfire candle would surely bring to mind a crackling fire and the great outdoors. It would add a soothing, rustic touch to your loved one’s home and add some comfort to their evening routine. 

Mindfulness & Me Bundle

This bundle is an approachable yet beautiful way to help someone in your life enjoy practicing mindfulness. It includes a Self-Care Notepad, an Ink+Volt Gratitude Journal, and a Spark Balance Activity Box to help inspire them to find new ways to feel grounded and mindful every day. This gorgeous set packs a punch and will be one they remember for a long time.

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