Office Desk Accessories to Get Your Life in Order

A stack of office desk accessories: a planner with book bands, a notepad, a pen, and two pencils.

An organized desk can make you feel like your life is in order.

Here’s an ideal office set up: You have a clean, clutter-free desk. You know exactly where to look to find important documents and files. You have shiny, new office desk accessories that keep you organized and efficient. You feel ready to work and tackle the day ahead. 

But If you’ve ever had an office desk overflowing with paper and clutter, then you know just how distracting a messy desk can be. 

It’s also hard to feel productive when you have a mountain of junk mail taking up space on your desk. Plus, nothing derails your productivity like searching your office supplies for a pen that works! 

That’s why having the right office desk accessories is so important. These organization and productivity tools can create such a positive impact on your office space and even your sanity. But if you’re worried about taking time out of your day to organize your desk or upgrade your office supplies, remember this Benjamin Franklin quote: “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” 

So if you’re looking to spruce up your current office desk or if this is your first time investing in office desk accessories, we’ve got you covered. 

These office must-haves  are not only functional, but they’re also nice to look at and have around. Say goodbye to having all that clutter on your desk and say hello to an extra hour of time! 

Office desk accessories to organize your life and work

Planner: Along with my computer, my yearly planner is the one tool that I use the most. I like to keep my Ink+Volt Planner on my desk -- the vibrant cover makes me feel optimistic about the day ahead, while the planner pages help keep my life in order. The great thing about having a planner is that you can keep your to-do lists, tasks, and goals all in one place, making it that much easier to organize your personal and professional life. Keeping it on your desk will remind you to write down any to-do or idea that comes to mind. And the Ink+Volt Planner is also sturdy enough to throw in your bag and carry around with you every day. 

Book bands: Book bands keep your planner and notebook organized. Not only can it help you mark your pages, you can also use a book band to hold loose sheets of paper or even pens together with your book. These flower book bands have all that functionality -- plus, they help you track the day of the week while a beautiful flower design “grows” with each passing day.

Weekly deskpad: Whether you’re someone who always plans in advance or does everything at the last minute, a weekly deskpad is your savior. You can keep track of your schedule, errands, work assignments, and social events, as well as use it as a to-do list. You can even use your weekly deskpad in tandem with your Ink+Volt Planner. Since the weekly deskpad is right there on your desk, it’s a visual reminder to look at your week ahead and knock some tasks off your list. 

Notebook: A notebook is another office desk accessory that I always have on hand. You can keep several notebooks and use each one for a different purpose, like a notebook for budget tracking or meal prep or brainstorming.

Stylish and functional pens: If the only pens you own are complementary ones from the bank or a hotel, then it might be time for an upgrade. Take an opportunity to invest in some nice pens for your office desk; a nice pen doesn’t have to break the bank. The 849 Ballpoint Pen is both an affordable and sophisticated option. It’s elegant enough for important meetings, while still practical and sturdy enough for everyday use. 

Washi tape: Washi tape isn’t just for pretty gift wrapping anymore. Washi tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it perfect for organizing your files or your planner. You can use a pen or marker to write on washi tape, and use the tape to label file folders and notebooks or household items like jars, lunch bags, and more.  

You can also use washi tape to organize or decorate your planner pages. You can mark important days in your calendar like birthdays, anniversaries, and deadlines for big goals. 

Binder: If your desk is covered in mounds of paper, then it’s time to start keeping your documents in a binder. You can use a binder to organize all your papers, documents, homework, or reading materials. This beautiful, metallic binder is a stylish option for keeping your documents. Plus, it has a dry-erase interior so you can write notes and reminders! If you’d like an easy way to separate and label documents in your binder, you can use these 8-tab dividers.

Desk tray: A letter tray in white mesh or clear plastic is another way to help you organize the documents you need to keep accessible on your desk while still looking modern and clean. 

Filing cabinet: A small, white filing cabinet is a far cry from the Dilbert office decor of years past, and is a stylish storage option for important papers and personal documents. Plus, hanging file folders in bright, cheerful colors might even make organizing your folders more pleasant! 

Don’t forget to label these hanging file folders with your washi tape! You can use a pretty glitter pen to make your label stand out and pretty to look at. 

Recycle bin: Shred any non-essential mail or documents and toss them in a recycle bin. No more piles of junk mail on your desk! 

Office desk accessories for stress relief 

While it’s nice to optimize your office desk for work and productivity, you might want to add a couple of personal flourishes to make your desk even more inviting. 

You can add a framed photo or your favorite mug. You can even include some self-care elements to your desk by adding a hand lotion in a lavender or citrus scent, or a diffuser with essential oils. And after all that hard work, you deserve to unwind and decompress with a stress relief toy or an adult coloring book. 

With these office desk accessories, you’ll feel ready to organize your life and get things done. For even more ideas on how to organize your desk, you can read our tips here!
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