Ready to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet?

Ready to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet?

Are you ready to make 2018 your best year yet?

We are so excited to announce that the new 2018 Ink+Volt Planners are now in stock! You can order yours right now:

In this post, we want to share some of the exciting changes and updates we’ve made to the planners, plus what important parts are staying the same, so that you can use your planner to make next year the one where you accomplish all your biggest goals.


Look inside the new 2018 Ink+Volt Planner!

We know how important details are when it comes to your planner, which is why we wanted you to be able to look through every single page of this planner before you buy.

Use the slideshow below to flip through the entire 2018 Ink+Volt Planner:

What’s staying the same in the 2018 Ink+Volt Planner

The Ink+Volt Planner system has always been based on the idea that success comes from planning and prioritizing the important work that will help you actually make progress on your goals.

That will never change.

While other planners have every day broken down into 15-minute slots from the moment you wake up, we know that achieving your goals isn’t about filling every moment of your day — it is about making every moment of your day count.

You do your best work when you know what you are working towards and why. The Ink+Volt Planner helps you get crystal clear on your goals, and create systems and plans that will help you achieve steady progress on them, every single day.

That’s why the 2018 Ink+Volt Planner has all the same planning and time-blocking tools that you are used to. We’ve got your Yearly Theme, Monthly Goals, Monthly Calendars, Weekly Journaling Prompts, Weekly Outlooks, and 30-Day Challenges.

All the good stuff to help you get on track with your biggest goals for the new year!


What’s new in the 2018 Ink+Volt Planner

Over the last couple of years of making the Ink+Volt Planner, we have gotten tons of feedback from our customers — and while we always take every comment seriously, we are just as serious about when and how to implement any changes.

We decided to do a few new things with the 2018 versions:

  • Beginning-of-year planning. There are few things we love more than setting goals for the year, so we’ve added a new page to the front of the planner for doing just that. This page gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you’d like to leave behind in 2017, what you’d like to learn in 2018, and what your perfect year would look like.
  • End-of-year reflections. We love reflecting on the year just as much as we love planning the year! On this new page, you can reflect on what goals you achieved, your best days, and missed targets (and what happened).
  • End-of-year achievements. What’s better than listing the amazing things you have accomplished? We believe tracking your wins is a critical part of achieving your goals — if you never take time to see where you succeed, you can lose momentum and miss learning what things that you’re amazing at.
  • New weekly journaling prompts. If you’ve used an Ink+Volt Planner before, you’ll be seeing all new prompts this year. Hooray! Every week, we include a page where you can journal your thoughts on a topic to help get yourself inspired for the week.

And of course, we are super excited to introduce our Limited Edition 2018 Ink+Volt Planners in 6 colors with linen-cloth covers this year too!


Order now to get your pick of a Limited Edition 2018 Planner!

The Ink+Volt Limited Edition series has the same goal-setting layouts as the 2018 Signature Series, but comes in 6 gorgeous linen cloth cover colors:

  • Ash
  • Fire Red
  • Indigo
  • Plum
  • Powder Blue
  • Spruce

We only have small quantities of each color on hand, so order early to make sure you get the color you want!

This planner will help you bring your year, month, and weeks into focus. Set goals for 2018, whether that’s improving your time management skills, starting a new career, mastering a new skill, or traveling more—this is the planner to help you get there.


Pair your planner with something wonderful

While we think the planners are pretty great on their own, we have hundreds of other products for sale in our store that can take your new planner to the next level!

Here are some of the most popular items we’re seeing ordered alongside the new 2018 planners, if you want a little inspiration:

  • Quiver Pen Holder Pens and notebooks go together like peanut butter and jelly. With the Quiver, you’ll always have your pen ready and safely held in a gorgeous American leather pocket around your planner, instead of at the bottom of your bag or worse–lost and never to be found again.
  • Ink+Volt Meeting Notes Pad You asked for it, we made it: a notepad just for meeting notes. Minimalist design makes this notepad the perfect undercover accomplice. Your inconspicuous ally who casually complements all conference rooms, handbags, and desktops, helping you stay on track and never miss an important detail.
  • Ninja Cats Adhesive Pads Crazy, quirky, and fun. These sticky tabs are a great way to mark important pages in your planner, or even leave yourself notes throughout the week. If you’re feeling a little more traditional, you can also try out the muted kaleidoscope colors of the Adhesive Pointed Tabs.
  • Ink+Volt Daily Task Pad “Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali. We designed this task pad to help you start every day on the right foot. Your days are about more than just appointments and meetings; keep your everyday hustle productive and never lose sight of the bigger picture. A perfect partner for your new Ink+Volt Planner. Big picture, meet daily details.
  • Le Pen Basics 4-Pack You can’t have a planner without a pen! We love Le Pen for writing in the Ink+Volt Planner, and this pack of basics is the perfect set to get you started. Can’t resist a retractable? Then grab yourself a timeless two pack of the Schneider Slider Rave Retractable Ballpoint pens.


Achieve your biggest goals in 2018!

We are so excited to finally share the new planners with you. But what we are most excited about is seeing what amazing things you accomplish next year!

We truly hope that 2018 is your most productive, successful year yet.

To order your 2018 Ink+Volt Planner now, just use these links:

Signature Series:

Limited Edition Series:

Here’s to you and an amazing new year! Go get ‘em.

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