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better morning bundle

Better Morning Routine Bundle

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Many of the world's most successful people have this in common: they rely on a morning routine. How would it feel to wake up every day with energy, a plan, and motivation for your day?

The Better Morning Routine Bundle is designed to help you make every day a good day. This inspiring, cozy set of products incorporates all the best parts of a powerful morning routine, making it seamless for you to integrate into your daily life.

This set of 5 includes:

(1) Ink+Volt Gratitude Journal - a science-backed method to cultivate happiness and a better mood
(1) Do One Thing Every Morning To Make Your Day - simple, quick, and effective prompts and exercises to get your day started
(1) The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod- one of the most popular books around morning routines, improving your quality of life, and happiness 
(1) Ink+Volt Progress Pad - track daily habits like water intake, exercise, journaling, and more with this notepad 
(1) Affirmators! Cards - start your day with an affirmation to boost confidence and self-esteem

Start every day with intention, and make it easier to greet your day with enthusiasm.

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The Story

We are all limited in what we can accomplish each day, so we have to make our efforts count. Even the shortest, simplest morning routines are a small investment with huge returns. Developing healthy habits and mindfulness first thing in the morning can have huge impacts on your personal and professional development.