By Emily Morrow

16 Perfect Gifts for Your Boss

Keep it professional with these gift picks perfect for your manager.

It can be challenging to find a gift for your boss.

There are a lot of confusing do’s and don’ts out there when it comes to purchasing a present for your manager. Some people say you shouldn’t do it at all, others say you should definitely buy them something and you should spend at least $50. Who’s right? 

Ultimately, it all comes down to the relationship you have with them. You should never feel obligated to gift your boss something. But if you have a really great bond with your boss or you just want to celebrate them, we say gift away as long as it feels comfortable!

If you’re in the market for the perfect gift for your boss, here are 18 of our favorite recommendations that are sure to bring a smile to their face.

Sophisticated notebooks

Executive Notebook: The Executive Notebook, designed by Ink+Volt and the legendary Japanese fine stationery company Kunisawa, is designed for the person who wants their workspace to promote good ideas and focus with a side of style. It’s a bit larger in size than your standard A5 notebook and filled with the smoothest, creamiest paper we’ve ever touched. Plus, the edges are foil-gilded, giving this oversized, luxurious notebook a touch of glamour. 

Founders Notebook: The Founders Notebook is the second product of the Ink+Volt x Kunisawa partnership, and it’s just as luxurious. This notebook is perfect for the boss who’s always fashion-forward and loves a touch of sparkle. Choose from three galactic-inspired colors (all with foil-gilded edges!) in the classic A5 size, and you’ve got the perfect gift.

Undated Planner: The Ink+Volt Undated Planner combines the effective success planning system of the best-selling, dated Ink+Volt Planner with the functionality of a notebook. Featuring 6 months' worth of productivity, planning, and organizational tools to help make you more successful. Plus, it’s undated so they can begin using it right away!

Something for their desk

A diffuser: This compact essential oil diffuser is the perfect size for your boss’s desk. Add on a bottle or two of your favorite scent — like lavender, for a calming effect — and you’ll be gifting your boss the perfect desktop companion to make their office or workspace an oasis of peace in the workday.

Weekly Desk Pad: Help your boss be even more organized and productive with the Ink+Volt Weekly Deskpad. It will help organize schedules, set goals, track habits, and follow up on important items for later. 

A subscription they’ll love

For the Coffee Lover: This coffee subscription box delivers new coffees that match the recipients taste every month, making this the perfect gift for the boss who’s never seen without their coffee cup in-hand. 

For the Reader: For the boss who always has the perfect book recommendation, try the gift of a Book of the Month Club subscription. Choose between three, six, and twelve month plans, and each month they’ll be shipped five of the hottest new books on the market.

For the Wine Aficionado: Winc is a wine subscription service that delivers bottles of wine to your doorstep each month based on their recommendations for your palate. This is the perfect gift for the boss who loves to choose the wine at team dinners. 

Inspiring notepads

Progress Pad: For the boss who’s always trying to learn something new. This notepad can help anyone develop — and stick to — a new habit or routine. The pad features a 7-day log that allows you to track everything from the routine to-dos to new and more challenging activities, behaviors, or practices you want to establish and strengthen, or stop.

Today Organizer Pad: This notepad is the perfect gift for someone who *loves* making lists. This at-a-glance daily notepad features hourly time blocks to manage schedules, a task checklist to organize important to-dos, and a "tomorrow" section for future tasks. And of course it's important to stay hydrated while you're being so productive, which is why this pad includes a water intake tracker too!  

Hummingbird Foil Notepad: Add a little glamor and sparkle to your boss’s desk with this beautiful notepad! Who doesn’t smile when they see a hummingbird? We love how the lightness and detail of the design on this pad captures the pure delight of seeing a hummingbird flitting among the flowers.

A really nice pen

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen: The Lamy Safari is one of our best-selling fountain pens for a reason. These pens are the perfect introduction for fountain pen newbies or a welcome addition to aficionados. These pens are equipped with a fine steel nib, which is perfect for everyday writing, plus they are light and sleek, and will feel comfortable in your hand. And they come in beautiful, bright colors that will make them a welcome pop of color on your boss’s desk!

Lamy Pico Ballpoint Pen: If your boss is a frequent traveler, this might be the perfect pen for them. When collapsed, this compact pen measures just 4” long — perfect for tucking away in the pocket of your favorite carry-on bag. When you’re ready to use it, the pen will expand with one smooth twist to its full 5” length.

Something personal

Diptyque Candle: This one’s for the boss who *loves* candles and scented products. These candles are a cult favorite for a reason — the Parisian company is renowned for its high quality materials and its commitment to never using synthetic fragrances. And a little goes a long way with these candles. The smallest size can easily help scent a large room.

A Pet Portrait: If your boss loves their dog or cat more than anything else, this could be the perfect gift. Just submit a pet photo, choose the color, and this company generates a modern art masterpiece of manager's best friend.  

Business Card Holder: These stylish, magically-strong paper business card cases make the perfect gift for the boss who’s a networking pro. Help them make a fantastic impression at their next conference, speaking engagement, or happy hour.