25 Ideas for Secret Santa Gifts

A present in a bag sits on a desk with a pen, jingle bells, and evergreen boughs

If you’re on the hunt for a secret Santa gift, look no further.

We searched high and low for gifts that will make the perfect present no matter who you’re paired up with — and they won’t break the bank either!

Oftentimes, the trickiest part of a secret Santa exchange is finding a gift for someone you just don’t know that well. Whether it’s someone in your office whom you don’t interact with regularly or a friend of a friend at that last-minute holiday party, we’re here to help you avoid just giving a $15 coffee gift card.

First, make sure you know the rules

Everyone has different rules around their secret Santa exchanges, so make sure you’re clear on what the expectations are. Here are some questions to make sure you know the answers to:

  • Who are you getting a gift for?
  • When is the exchange happening?
  • Is there a spending limit?
  • Should you write your name on the gift so your recipient knows who it’s from? Or are they supposed to guess who their secret Santa was?
  • Will secret Santa participants be sharing gift ideas or wish lists?

Now that you’re squared away on the rules, let’s move on to the gifting!

For the organizer with a to-do list for everything

This person is the one you trust most with making — and keeping — plans. They actually enjoy making to-do lists and have a place for everything. Help them stay organized with these gifts:

  • Ink+Volt Today Organizer Pad, $11.50 - Help your recipient take their to-do lists to the next level with this notepad that features hourly time blocks to manage their schedule, a task checklist to organize important to-dos, and a "tomorrow" section for future tasks. And of course it's important to stay hydrated while they’re being so productive, which is why this pad includes a water intake tracker too. 
  • Planner/Calendar Stickers, $7.50 - Who says planning has to be black-and-white? Help your most organized friend add a little color to their planner, calendar, and to-do list with these fun stickers.
  • Notepads, $8.00 - Elephants never forget, and neither will your gift recipient with this beautiful notepad that features a sparkly gold foil elephant. Perfect for to-do lists of all shapes and sizes.
  • Quiver pen holder, $22.50 - Pens and notebooks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Never lose that favorite pen again with this pen holder (which happens to be perfectly made for the Ink+Volt planner).
  • Weekly deskpad, $12 - We believe when you write something down and put it in a place you see often, you are more likely to get it done. And chances are your secret Santa recipient believes that too. Help them maximize each week — and give their desk a floral upgrade — with this pretty weekly calendar.

For the globetrotter who’s constantly planning their next trip

  • Passport holder, $16 - These adorably patterned passport holders are the perfect gift for the person who’s always traveling.
  • Luggage tags, $15 - For the world traveler who also always accessorizes perfectly — help them make their luggage as stylish as they are!
  • Traveler’s notebook, $16 - This notebook is the perfect companion on any adventure. Its soft, flexible cover will easily fit in backpacks or carry-ons so your recipient can fill the pages with notes and drawings along the way.
  • Power adapter, $20 - Did you know that different countries have differently shaped outlets? Your world-traveling friend does. This adapter can fit outlets in Europe, the UK, Australia, *and* Asia so they’ll only have to pack one.
  • Travel toiletry bag, $20 - This hanging toiletry bag is top-rated for a reason — it’s minimalistic but packs a big punch with pockets for everything you’ll need.

For the Pinterest fan who’s DIY-ing their holiday gifts

  • Coloring book, $18.95 - This is no ordinary coloring book. Like most of our products, this was designed intentionally to help you live a life filled with success and satisfaction. Your most creative friends will love the beautiful, intricate illustrations that are just waiting for their pens or colored pencils. Plus, each illustration is paired with our most favorite inspirational sayings and mantras to motivate and inspire!
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, $10.45 - Big Magic has been inspiring creatives for years. Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of Eat, Pray, Love and offers valuable insight into her own creative process and the nature of inspiration.
  • 642 Things to Draw, $16.95 - Practicing creativity doesn’t have to be hard — sometimes all someone needs is a little help getting started. This book features 642 drawing prompts to get the creative juices flowing.
  • Blackwing pencils, $24.95 - This is considered the artist’s pencil for a reason, and chances are your artistic friend has already been coveting a set of these. Made with soft Japanese graphite core, the pencil writes soft and smooth, making it perfect for everything from daily doodles to a finished masterpiece. 
  • Koi brush pens, $22.50 - These brush pens are the perfect gift for hand letterers, crafters, painters, or coloring book enthusiasts. They’re like a small paintbrush with a nylon nib that’s flexible, allowing you to create strokes of all different thicknesses.

For the health nut who’s all about wellness 

  • Hydro Flask water bottle, $22.39 - Gift the most popular water bottle of the year — the hiker or gym lover on your list will love it. The insulated stainless steel bottle will keep water cool all day long (or coffee hot, if that’s your jam) and won’t leak in your gym bag. 
  • Gratitude journal, $24.50 - A regular gratitude practice is one of the few scientifically proven ways to increase happiness. This beautiful journal features daily blank entries for observations and reflections, plus weekly challenges and inspirational quotes — the perfect way to help your gift recipient have a happier, healthier 2020.
  • Yoga mat strap, $18 - This no-fuss mat strap is the perfect way for the yogi in your life to travel from work to yoga class without stress.
  • A hydration tracking book band, $5.95 - Hydration is key to health, and this book band (which will fit your Ink+Volt Planner or your favorite notebook) will help! 
  • ClassPass gift card, any amount - Help the SoulCycle regular on your list find their next obsession with a gift card to ClassPass, which allows them to try classes at studios and gyms across your city.

For the host or hostess with the mostest

  • Cookbook, $17 - Gift your favorite home chef some inspiration with a popular new cookbook, like Antoni in the Kitchen. The food and wine guru from Queer Eye offers simple recipes for cooks of all levels that are perfect for entertaining.
  • Conversation starter cards, $18 - These cards are designed to start meaningful conversations and reflection, and they’re perfect for group dinners or gatherings. With 100+ thought-provoking questions, your recipient will never have awkward silences at their dinner parties again.
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Festive Home Bundle, $18.99 - If you’ve never tried Mrs. Meyer’s products, you’re seriously missing out. The hand soap and candles are luxurious and deliciously scented, and the multi-surface cleaner actually makes me *want* to clean my counters. 
  • Recipe box, $18.97 - This beautiful, bamboo recipe box comes with cards and a frame to easily display the recipe while you’re cooking. 
  • Holiday candles, $15 - There’s nothing like a perfectly scented candle to set the atmosphere for a party or gathering. Help your recipient set the mood this holiday season with these balsam and cedar candles.
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