30 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

A task pad sits on top of a silver notebook on top of a blue open book, next to a white stylish pen and a "spark courage" matchstick set, all on a white desk.

Graduation is a time of new beginnings.

You’re celebrating a job well done as well as the new world that’s now open to your graduate. That’s why finding the perfect gift that will help them on their next big adventure is so important.

We’ve rounded up 30 of our favorite unique graduation gifts here to help you find the perfect token to wish them well and express how proud you are. Whether your graduate is starting their first corporate job, moving to another city, or is starting their next academic chapter, you’ll be sure to find a unique gift on this list. 

For the grad who’s starting a new job

Your graduate will be ready to make a great first impression on their first day on the job with these gifts.

  • New Grad Gift Pack: Looking for a gift that has it all? Look no further. This pack includes a goal planner, a daily scheduling pad, a Career Compass Guided Journal, an elegant pen, and of course, a congratulations card!
  • Meeting Notes Notepad: Lectures are so last year — meetings are what’s next for your grad. This notepad is designed to fit seamlessly in with the natural flow of meetings and will help them stay on track and accountable all workday long.
  • Stitch Fix subscription: Treat your grad to a wardrobe upgrade that’s first-day-of-work approved.
  • Executive Notebook: Great ideas deserve an equally great notebook. This stunning, meticulously crafted notebook will be your graduate’s favorite companion from the meeting room to the coffee shop.
  • Caran D’ache 849 Sparkle Pen: This limited edition ballpoint pen is as brilliant as your graduate. The sparkly, gold outside is the perfect way for your graduate to express their style while still being all business.

For the grad who’s moving away

These graduation gift ideas will send your graduate off into the world with a little piece of home.

  • Luggage: Your graduate might be moving away from home, but they’ll *definitely* be coming back. Help make travel easier with this trendy luggage set.
  • Homesick Candle: There’s no scent like home. If your graduate is moving out of state, every time they light this candle they’ll be right back with you.
  • Gratitude Journal: Moving away is hard. Help ease the transition for your graduate with the Ink+Volt Gratitude Journal, filled with prompts to help them reflect on the positives in their life.
  • Instant Pot: Leaving home doesn’t mean your graduate has to give up the comforts of a home cooked meal. The Instant Pot is so easy to use that even the most novice of home chefs can quickly become a pro.
  • Friendship Maintenance Postcards: Your grad may be leaving their friends behind, but that doesn’t mean their friendships will fade. Help them keep in touch with those nearest and dearest to them with this book of tear-out, ready-to-mail postcards.

For the grad who’ll be commuting

Subway, train, bus, car, these gifts will help ease your graduate into their new commute — whatever it looks like.

  • Alarm Clock: Getting up is never easy, but it’ll be more important than ever for your graduate if they have a bus or train to catch. Help them ease into the morning with this gentle alarm clock.
  • Airpods: Give your grad a gift that will allow them to listen to their favorite podcast or morning playlist all commute long, cord-free.
  • A page-turning book: Where the Crawdads Sing has been on the bestseller list for years for a reason — help your grad pass the time on their new morning commute with a read they can’t put down. (If your grad will be driving, try the audiobook!)
  • Work bag: This bag is consistently rated one of the best commuter bags because it can hold it all — laptop, thermos, notebook, wallet, and whatever else your grad needs for the day.
  • Thermos: Commuter-tested and approved, your graduate’s morning coffee will stay hot (and won’t spill!) no matter how many subway delays they hit.

For the grad who’s going on to more school

These graduation gifts are perfect for the student who’s going to keep hitting the books, working on their next degree.

  • Ink+Volt Goal Planner: Help your graduate make their next year the best one yet — the one where they accomplish every single one of their goals — with this best-selling goal planner.
  • Founders Notebook: Give your grad a notebook they will *love* to take to class. The Founders Notebook is exquisitely crafted and features unique lined pages in a pattern that’s perfect for note-taking.
  • Lamy Pico Ballpoint Pen: This pocket pen can be dropped into a backpack or a pocket and then expanded to its full length with one simple twist, making it the perfect gift for your grad who’ll be rushing from class to class. 
  • Backpack: This backpack can fit your grad’s books, laptop, and water bottle, and still look good doing it.
  • Weekly Desk Pad: Help your graduate get used to their new schedule with the Ink+Volt Weekly Desk Pad. This at-a-glance notepad will help them keep track of their schedule, priorities, and new habits.

For the grad who’s getting their own apartment

Goodbye dorm rooms, hello apartment life. Give your graduate the gift of home comforts.

  • HelloFresh Gift Card: Your graduate might no longer have their campus meal plan, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still eat well. HelloFresh will deliver fresh ingredients directly to your grad’s door so they can have a home-cooked meal every single week.
  • Progress Pad: If your new graduate is getting their own apartment for the first time, they might need to pick up some new habits, like taking out the recycling, cleaning the bathroom, and running the dishwasher. Help them stay on top of all their new responsibilities — and still make progress on their work and life goals! — with the Ink+Volt Progress Pad.
  • A Beautiful Rug: There may only be pasta in their pantry and wine in their fridge, but nothing makes a new, bare apartment feel homey and cozy like a nice rug.
  • Coffee Maker: Coffee was important in school, but it’s even MORE important in the working world when that early morning alarm goes off. Help your grad get caffeinated with this highly rated coffee maker. 
  • Ikea Gift Card: Help your grad decorate their brand new apartment with an Ikea gift card where they can find everything — literally, everything — they might need.

For the grad who’s still figuring out their path

Not every graduate has it all figured out, and that’s okay. These gifts will help your grad navigate the uncertainty of a big life change.

  • Reflection Pad: Success isn’t all about checking things off your list, it’s also about checking in with yourself and making sure you’re listening to what your body, mind, and spirit are telling you. Help your new grad find balance with this pad.
  • My Future Listography Journal: Help your graduate get excited about what the future holds with this journal that features 70 prompts ranging from books to read to travel plans to career goals.
  • Untamed by Glennon Doyle: A bestselling memoir about listening to your inner voice and freeing the person you were meant to be would make the perfect gift for your graduate who’s trying to find themself.
  • Spark Courage: Starting a new chapter in life takes courage, there’s no doubt about it. This gift features 50 bravery prompts that will help your graduate act with confidence, live authentically, and pursue their dreams. 
  • Reflection Cards: This deck of 52 cards features 100+ prompts that will guide your graduate through individual introspection, or start thoughtful conversations with new friends.
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