11 Inspirational Gifts for Anyone Who Could Use a Boost

11 Inspirational Gifts for Anyone Who Could Use a Boost

Finding a unique, meaningful gift can be surprisingly difficult.

There's always the easy way out: a candle, a set of coasters, or even a gift card are nice to receive and may even be useful, but as for inspiring? They’re definitely lacking. 

Inspiring gifts don’t have to be highly personalized in order to be meaningful. In fact, you will probably want to leave some of it up to the imagination! The key to finding the perfect gift is in the details. Pick something that is equally thoughtful and serves some kind of purpose (it doesn’t exactly have to be useful). 

Striking that balance can be tough, especially if this gift is for somebody who you’re not super close with or know very well.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up a list of 11 perfectly inspiring gifts for everyone on your list who is in need of a special gesture.

1. Gratitude journal 

The easiest way to inspire anybody on your gift list is to let them inspire themselves. A journal will do the trick. Our pick is a gratitude journal, especially because research has shown a gratitude practice can have so many emotional benefits. Starting a routine is easy with a little push. In no time they’ll feel happier, more energized and they may even see physical health benefits like better sleep. 

2. Manta journal

This unique mantra journal is designed to help you uncover the meaning of some of the world's most profound quotes, and then turn that meaning into your own personal mantra. This gift is perfect for someone going through a tough time who needs to find their internal drive again, or someone gearing up for a new challenge like graduation or a new job.

3. Money tree

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Or does it? The pachira aquatica plant got its nickname, according to legend, when a poor man prayed for wealth. He then came across the bonsai tree and took it home. Eventually he started selling the seeds for profit. Thus, the name “money tree.” Ever since, the plants have been said to bring wealth. While maybe giving a money tree won’t guarantee becoming rich, it’s the thought that counts, and that’s pretty inspiring all on its own.

4. A MasterClass

For the inquisitive people on your list, there’s no better gift than learning. With a gift card to MasterClass they can learn from all the greats: Gordon Ramsey teaches restaurant recipes, Bob Woodward teaches investigative journalism and Howard Schultz teaches business leadership. There are so many experts to learn from, and they’re sure to get something out of every lesson. Professionals for even their most minor interests have inspiring and motivational classes. 

5. Inspirational coloring book

Each page in this Inspirational Coloring Book lets your gift recipient escape into a relaxing state of mind (studies have even shown how beneficial a coloring page can be!) All they’ll need are some colored pencils or pens and each page comes alive. Some of Ink+Volt’s most favorite inspirational quotes accompany the illustrations, making for an even better mood booster. It’s a win-win: Unwinding while finding some motivation to live their best life.

6. Nonprofit donation in their name

If you’re worried about a gift not being the right fit, you can’t go wrong with charity. A donation to their favorite nonprofit is a great reminder of how much good there is in the world. That kindness won’t go unnoticed here. Pick something that’s near and dear to their heart, like a local animal shelter, an organization that helps the environment or helps families in need. Sometimes the most meaningful and inspiring gifts aren’t material things.

7. Ultimate writer's suite

This bundle of creative supplies is perfect for an avid reader, an aspiring writer, or creative professional who is always looking for a dose of inspiration. These sleek creative essentials are gorgeous to look at and incredibly useful. Your gift will include an Ink+Volt Prompt Journal, an Ink+Volt Softcover Lined Notebook, a Kunisawa Find Sticky Memo, a Spark Creativity kit, and a Zebra G-402 Gel Penan essential pen with a comfortable grip and ultra-smooth ink.

8. Room spray

A room spray can make all the difference in a bedroom, living room or office. It can set the mood for a productive, relaxed or energized day. It’s all in the scent profile and even though it’s simple, a great room spray can be every bit as inspiring as a pep talk. Sometimes a familiar scent is all we need to feel our best selves.

9. "Letters to My Future Self"

If you could give your future self some encouragement, what would it be? Would you remind yourself of how far you’ve come? Would you say how proud you are of the sacrifices you’ve made? Maybe you’d remind yourself of a moment your future self would find funny. This workbook is the perfect creative gift for anybody in your life who has a bright future ahead of them. They can write letters and stow them away for a later date. It’s sort of like your own personal time capsule. 

10. No-Recipe Recipes Cookbook 

The kitchen is among the best places to be inspired. It’s even better when you have a little bit of leeway to make a recipe your own. The No-Recipe Recipes Cookbook from the New York Times is the perfect gift for advanced cooks and novices alike. As for difficulty, many of these recipes don’t rank too terribly high. But they leave enough room for some creative freedom. The best of both worlds.

11. Self-care notepad

There are a lot of self-care gift ideas. Candles, face masks, and so much more. But sometimes the best self-care gift is reminding a person to make the time for themselves. After all, self-care looks different all the time. The Ink+Volt Self-Care Pad provides a little self assessment so finding the best method of relaxation comes a little easier when they need it.
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